All righty. Thanks for listening to our podcast channel. In today’s episode, we are talking about why Spring, Texas residents need monthly pest control. And so my name is Christopher Villarreal, I am President, General Manager of CPL Pest Control Houston division. And like I said, today we want to talk about pest control. And so it is that time of year, bugs are coming out again. And we had a relatively mild winter, we had some nice cool days and some nice cool temperatures. But I think a majority of those cool days are in the rearview mirror. And we are headed full steam to warmer temperatures, humid days and warmer nights. And so you just can’t get enough of that warm temperature here in southeast Texas. And so let’s go ahead and talk about why that can be a problem this this coming spring. So when we have really cold winters really cold winters really helped to taper off insect population, you know, whether it be fleas, or ants or even spiders, right, because if spiders don’t have a food source, they don’t, there’s no need for them to be around. And so whenever you have milder winters, you don’t necessarily have those days that’ll really eradicate some of the the insect population. And so, which then translates into a more populous insect problem in the spring and summer. In so that can be a problem. But it’s like I’ve said in other podcast channels, when ever you have a problem, there is a solution. And your solution to your pest problem is CPL pest control, we can eradicate all your pests that you may be dealing with. And so what are some pests that you may encounter this spring? Well, we have ants, we have roaches, we got spiders and crickets and fleas and ticks. And the list goes on and on and on. And so each insect kind of bares its own identification. There its own habitual places where they’re going to hang out their cravings and, and more importantly, why they’re there in your yard. And so very important that we identify what type of pests you’re dealing with so that we can target those pests. And then secondly, create our barrier of protection that protects you and your home from pest. And so we here at CPL pest control offered two types of protection for monthly pest control, which is what a majority of our customers enjoy. That monthly pest control is going to really make sure that you don’t have problems with pests. And so we have a base package and we have a plus package. And your Plus package is going to is going to cover more insects, from ants to mosquitoes. And so does a really good job of making sure that your home stays mosquito free and you know and free. And then also make sure the ensures that we spray the inside as well. And so it’s a really good package for a person that doesn’t want to see any insects. And then we also have a basic package, which is more of an exterior treatment only treating for your major seasonal type of insects. But it’s also a really good way of making sure that your home stays insect free. And so remember 90 95% of your insects are going to come from the outside. And so this is a good way to make sure that your home stays insect free. And so very important, like I said, so one of the first things that we do whenever we do a the year whenever whenever you sign up with CPL pest control is we go out and do the initial pest control service. And that’s where we go out and spray the entire yard, the entire front yard, the entire backyard. Entire inside is we’re really trying to break the pest cycle. And so very important, like I said, especially this season, this season is going to be really important that we break that pest cycle because they’ve had they’ve had some time to regroup, they’ve had some time to lay eggs, they’ve had some time to create multigenerational problems in the soil, right. And so very important that we break the pest cycle in the yard. So that way, we don’t have a problem. You know, in the months to come. We do offer other packages. A lot of folks enjoy a quarterly service. That’s where we come out every 90 days. And treat your treat your yard and treat the inside. A lot of folks enjoy that. And that kind of gets you through the seasons that’ll get you through your spring and your summer and your winter and your fall and so on and so forth. And so, but it’s very important, very important that you that you tackle, and that you get out ahead of a pest problem because like I said pests can become a problem relatively fast. And the problem like I said earlier is that pests lead to other pests. And, you know, if you have a high insect population where you’re going to have a high spider population, because your home your area is a good feeding ground for, for insects or for spiders, I’m sorry. And so that, you know, that can be a problem. But if you’re just curious and you want to find out how you can make your home, you know, pest free, we’d love to go out and give you a free inspection. tell you some areas where you could better improve maybe some IPM techniques that you can use on your own that’ll keep insects out of your house.

So give us a call today 281-683-6737 We are treating homes in Spring, the Woodlands, Conroe, Houston, all of Southeast Texas. And we’d love for you to become part of our CPL pest control family that allows us to take care of your pest problems. So give us a call today 281-683-6737 And let us know that you want to speak with Chris that you can receive your free promotion. So I’d love to talk to you. Love to hear your problems. Love to hear how we can make your home pest free.

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