Mosquitoes in the Woodlands, Texas

All righty, welcome back to CPLs Pest Control  podcast channel. I’m your host, Chris Villarreal, President, General Manager of CPLs Pest Control, Houston division. And today we are talking about mosquitoes in The Woodlands area. So you want to talk about mosquitoes, how they’re a problem, why they’re a problem, and more importantly, what we hear what we hear and CPO pest control can do to take care of them. And so as warmer temperatures set in here in southeast Texas, mosquitoes are gonna become a problem again. So I think our colder days are behind us. And we are full steam ahead to warmer temperatures, warmer days, warmer nights, which is good for you and I, it is good to enjoy those warmer temperatures. That means backyard barbecues, and fellowships and things of that nature. And so if you’re like most homeowners, you want to be able to enjoy your yard. And mosquitoes will do a fantastic job of making sure that you do not do that. I was we were here working on a late night job a couple of nights ago. And I was absolutely eaten up by mosquitoes. And unfortunately, we were not treating for mosquitoes I kind of wished we were at the time. We were not and I was getting absolutely eaten up almost to the point where I could not focus on what I was doing. And which can be a problem, right? It can be a problem as a professional can be a problem for you. And that that’s what they do is that they they distract you. And you know, if you’ve ever had a mosquito into your home at night, you know, it’ll absolutely distract you trying to get rid of them and getting eaten by them. And so not very fun. And so why do we have a mosquito problem here in southeast Texas?

Well, we just we have a lot of woods, there’s a lot of areas where mosquitoes can can live and dwell and breed and grow. And, you know, we got by us and rivers and creeks and you name it around here. And there’s plenty of places where mosquitoes can hang out. And so mosquitoes are primarily your problem and the dusk hours and, and the Dawn hours. And so it’s early morning, late evening, early evening, I’m sorry. And, and so that they that’s primarily when they’re going to feed but most folks are on their way on their commute in the mornings. And so unless you’re working outside, they’re primarily not a big problem to you. But it’s in the evening hours when you want to go out and play with the kids and or maybe barbecue in the backyard or just enjoy the evening and sit sit in the on the back porch that mosquitoes want to feed on you. And so that’s not very fun. So what are we doing here at CPLs Pest Control that take care of mosquitoes in The Woodlands, Texas. So a couple of years ago, a product came out that totally revolutionized the mosquito industry. So for years, the doctrine had become to read to repel mosquitoes and keep mosquitoes away from a certain area. And that works to a certain degree. But the problem is, is that once you stop repelling, they quickly become a problem. So like I said, a product came out a couple of years ago that totally totally revolutionized the mosquito industry. And that product allows for pest control operators to go after the root of the problem. And so for years, a lot of these mosquito guys have labored the fact that you know, they did they just want to repel them away with misting systems and sprays and things of that nature. And, and and I’m not totally against those things. But what I’m trying to say is that there are, there’s a better technique now that allows us to go after the root of the problem. And so it’s a product by the name of into care. And so what happens is, is a lot of the times mosquitoes aren’t breeding in our yards, you know, they need a little standing water source to breed. And so that can be water piled up in a tire or in a bucket, or in a buy, you buy it nearby or wherever standing water can sit. And so what will happen is, is we’ll have mosquitoes come in, and they don’t like to travel very far they don’t like to go very far from their breeding ground. And they’ll fly and they’ll land in, you know, in our area.

And so what what we need to do is we need to go after and target where they’re coming from. So what’ll happen is, is we’ll have mosquitoes fly in into the into care product, get it on themselves, take it back to their breeding ground, infect the breeding ground and eradicate the mosquito population. In do so, we better serve you. We better serve your area and we totally get a whole Old the mosquito problem which is what we want to do. And in doing so, where you can gain control over your yard, you can gain control of your evenings and you can gain control of the mosquito problem that you may have. And so they can quickly become a problem. Especially if you live in The Woodlands area. The Woodlands is full of woods. If you’ve ever walked along those beautiful trails at night, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Mosquitoes just love to hang out there. There’s plenty of vegetation, plenty of life and plenty of a food source. And unfortunately, you’re the food source. And so we want to do our best to get rid of mosquitoes this season. So like I said, they’re, they’re going to be a problem this spring. They’re going to be a problem this summer. But they don’t have to be. So give us a call today 281-683-6737 So that way we can take care of your mosquito problem. And as always asked to speak with Chris. Thanks for listening to this podcast. like it subscribe it let all your friends know that we here at CPLs Pest Control are taking care of mosquitoes in The Woodlands. All of Houston, all of the Southeast Texas area. Give us a call today and I’ll be here waiting for your call. Thanks for listening

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