Alrighty, welcome back to CPL pest controls podcast channel. I’m your host, Christopher Villarreal. President, General Manager of CPL. pest controls Houston division, and today we are talking about bedbugs in the Shenandoah area. So with this past month we’ve had quite a few calls come in from the Shenandoah area with respect to bedbugs. And I’m not saying that it’s at all related or correlated to each other, but it seems like Shenandoah has a bedbug problem. And I just kind of want to address some things with respect to the bedbug what is the Bedbug? What does it bedbug look like? Why do I have bedbugs? And so on and so forth. And so the thing about bedbugs is that it is a treatable problem. It is a problem. But like most problems, it has a solution. So that is the wonderful thing. And we’re here to do pest control are providing the best solution for that. And so let’s kind of talk about one of the first questions Why do I have bedbugs? That’s always the big question. How did I get this problem? I’m a clean person. I have a clean house. Why in the world do I have a bedbug problem. And so bedbugs are like fleas. They’re like ticks in the sense that they require a host. They require a host and that’s how they end up in your in your home. That’s how they end up in your bed. That’s how they end up in your sofa. And so what will happen is, is they’ll you know, you may get them from work, you may get them from public transportation, a movie theater, there’s so many places where you can get bedbugs. And the reason why is because like I said, If Person A has a over infestation in their home, or their dwelling place, and they have them on their clothes, or they have eggs on their clothes. And they carry these bedbugs, you know with them. They’re going to drop the masks are going. And so it’s it’s a very, it’s a very transmittable situation where bedbugs can become a problem relatively fast. And so. Or hotels, the hotels is the big one. The number one question I always ask my clients, when we’re doing the inspection is have you done in traveling, when was the last time you traveled? And nine times out of 10. That’s, that’s where people get them from is traveling. And so there are some precautions you can take when you think that you have bedbugs. Or I’m sorry that or you think that you may have brought in bedbugs with you from a hotel or from an Airbnb or something like that. And so very important that that that she kind of take those precautions. And so what are those precautions that’s going through your bag, going through each item of clothing. Yeah, growing up, you know, this is a family owned business. Growing up, my dad always had my mom put all of our clothes you know, even if it was clean when we came back from traveling and put it in the dryer because it didn’t matter if you’re staying in a nice hotel or in a bad Hotel. Doesn’t matter. bedbugs are bedbugs, and they’re no respecter of persons. And so they invade clean homes and dirty homes and clean hotels and dirty hotels. And so we would always throw those clothes in the dryer, and really inspect those suitcases to make sure that we didn’t have a problem. And so those are some precautions you can take to make sure that you don’t carry bedbugs with you when you’re traveling in so if you do a lot of traveling, those are some things that just kind of need to become habitual. If you do a lot of traveling, you need to make sure that you’re not carrying anything with you because it can quickly become a problem. And you can worse worst of all take that problem to someone else. And you know, without you even intending to do so. And so what does a bedbug look like? So kind of hard to explain via podcast, but you can google pictures and so they’re reddish brown, dark reddish brown in color and they’re relatively small. And but but you know right away that that you’re dealing with an insect that you’re not used to seeing. And so the bedbug doesn’t look like an ant doesn’t look like a termite doesn’t look like a beetle, it looks like a bedbug. And so kind of flattened nature. And they like to hide there, they do not like to be exposed. And so bedbugs are gonna hang out where you and I predominantly stay. And so, you know, you and I will you know, if we get a good night’s rest, that’s eight hours a day. So that’s eight hours that we’re going to spend in our bed. Now there’s not a lot of places that we spent eight hours. And you know, if you work in an office, you may spend eight hours in your office but but that’s that’s a considerable amount of time in the day. And so you’re spending a good time in this in this bed in this location. So that’s where they’re going to be. And so it’s always, not always but you know, most of the time you’re gonna we’re gonna find them in and bedding and bedding and headboards, and box boards and mattresses and things of that nature because that’s where they’re gonna, that’s where they’re gonna hide because they want to stay close to the food source. And so what will happen is, you know, people will move stuff around and say, Well, I can’t find them. Well, the reason why is because they want to stay well ahead, they want to stay hidden, they don’t want to be exposed. And so they come out at night when they sense that heat. So they sense your your body heat are attracted to it, and then latch on. And then you know, go start feeding and so and then from there, we carry them to other places, like I said, sofas, and so that’s why we’re here to pasture, always recommend full home treatments to offer our guarantee. You know, when you just treat one room or you just treat one location, it’s, you know, there’s no way you can guarantee that they’re not in other places as well. And so we do very thorough treatments, very thorough inspections to make sure that we eradicate the problem, wherever it may be. Like I said, bedbugs are relatively habitual, in most cases, they’re gonna hang out in the same spots in the same places. So we know exactly where to treat, how to treat and how aggressive to be to eradicate your bedbug problem in so one of the number one questions that we get is, do I need to throw away my furniture? And my question is always, nine times out of 10, we’re dealing with situations where it’s not a very severe situation. And nine times out of 10, I’m going to say no. And for the 10%, it’s not that the treatment does not go and eradicate the problem. But that 10% is reserved for our more extreme cases, where, you know, they they’ve been there for years, and they’ve just become a part of their life. And bedbugs can cause emotional trauma. And so one of the ways that we help reduce and and eliminate that that trauma is by making that recommendation and saying, Hey, look, it may be best that you part with this piece of furniture. Because it’s just so closely associated with the problem that you may have to get rid of it. Because as long as you see that furniture, you may see that problem, even though that problem does not exist anymore. And I hope that makes some sense to you that are listening. And so, like I said, 90% of the time, you do not have to you do not have to the treatment is going to take care of it. Like I said that 10% The treatment is gonna take care of it as well. But it’s at the emotional trauma that we want to help eliminate. And so I hope this answers some of your questions with respect to the bedbugs. Like I said they’ve become a larger problem here in recent months. And that could be because of the traveling that was done in the winter. And the thing about bedbugs is if you pick up bedbugs that aren’t mature enough yet to bite, here’s the problem. We can bring in bedbugs that don’t need a bite yet, and they’ll hide. But they’ll lay eggs, the female will lay eggs, a female bedbug can lay an egg a day. And so what will happen is you can have a problem growing and you not even know it until a couple of months down the road. And you realize oh my we have a bedbug problem. Where did we get them from? Well, we haven’t done any traveling in the last month. Yeah, but you did some traveling in December or November during the holiday season. And now we have a problem.

And so if you feel like you have bedbugs if you think you have bedbugs give us a call. I’d love to go out and give you peace of mind. The owners your item is sleep tight. Don’t let the bedbugs by. And that saying remains true today. You don’t need to let the bedbugs bite. Give us a call today. I’d love to go out and give you a free inspection. 281-683-6737 And as always, ask to speak with Chris. Thanks for listening to this podcast. Like share it subscribe. Let all your friends know that we here at CPOE pest control are sending bedbugs to bug heaven give us a call to 816836737 and I hope that you enjoy the rest of your day. Thanks

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