Apartment Pest Control

If you are like most property managers you want to provide your Tenants with great and effective pest control. You want to make sure your Tenants are free from Ants, Roaches, Spiders, Bed Bugs, Termites and any other Pest! You want to make sure your Tenants are spending their money on rent and not on Pest Control! Don’t trust just any Pest Control team with your Tenant’s needs, TRUST CPL PEST CONTROL! 

How Do We Treat Apartments?

We want to make sure your Tenant’s are given the best Pest Control available. In doing so, we want to make sure we spray both the inside and outside of each Apartment unit. By spraying both the outside and inside of each unit, we ensure the maximum amount of protection against all types of insects! Keeping your Tenants happy and less complaints in your office.

 How Does CPL Pest Control Differ From It’s Competitors? 

When treating individual tenants it is important to be mindful of each tenants needs. Some tenants may be experiencing problems other tenants are not. For example, one tenant may be experiencing problems with German Roaches while another tenant is experiencing problems with Ants. While it is important to provide general pest control for common household insects, it is also important to target specific pest that are unique to each tenant. Most Pest Control companies do not take the time to ask each tenant what the main problem is, which is where the problem first arises. CPL Pest Control uses communication as much as chemicals and other pest remedies to rectify pest problems. 

How Should Your Tenants Prepare For Our Pest Control Visit?

After our schedule has been delivered to the appropriate property manager, we ask that a 48 hour notice be  given to each individual tenant of our upcoming visit. 


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