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Why Are Conroe Residents Seeing Fleas Inside Of Their Homes?

This winter has been extremely mild and freezing temperatures have been far and few in between. Believe it or not, but this can lead to a huge increase in the number of fleas all over Conroe.  Why is that? Well, because it is warm, fleas get to thrive. As fleas thrive, that means your pet […]

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Why Does Spring,TX Have A Problem With Silverfish?

Many homeowners in Spring, TX may not realize they may have a problem with silverfish in their homes until it is too late. Perhaps it is when you realize your family photos have been destroyed, or perhaps when you go to read your favorite book only to realize it has been chewed away by some […]

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New Year…. New Pest In Conroe, TX!

2022 is just around the corner! Another year gone! We have had fun here at CPL Pest Control in 2021 but we are excited about what the future has in store here in Conroe, TX and throughout the entire Houston area in 2022. Here in Conroe, TX you can expect all kinds of bugs this […]

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Mud Daubers Are SWARMING Conroe, TX!

Mud Daubers are swarming Conroe, TX homes this December! This last week we have received MANY calls concerning Mud Daubers. However, most folks are not familiar with what a Mud Dauber looks like. Most folks here in Conroe confuse the Mud Dauber for the Wasps or Hornets. But they are entirely different! Mud daubers are […]

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