Restaurant Pest Control

We know that pests can be a major risk to your restaurant’s food safety and even lead you in the direction of having poor health inspections scores. Picking out effective pest control solutions is important for this reason, because if they don’t solve these problems then people will notice them – which could damage both customer perception as well as reputation within their industry! CPL Pest Control offers powerful comprehensive services against various types or insects including ants & termites without fail; we also work hard every day solving new challenges faced by others throughout all walks-of life here

How Exposed Is Your Restaurant?

Check out below CPL Pest Control’s tips, practices, guides and other valuable resources to proactively prevent pest issues in your restaurant. CLICK ON EACH IMAGE TO READ MORE!

Commercial Kitchens

German cockroaches are the most common pest found in restaurants, but they can also enter your kitchen through incoming goods or by staff who bring them into work with them. They like living near food and water sources so that's why you should inspect everything when it comes in! Keep an eye out for any signs of a roach such as corners where these creatures live - if there is one problem we have knowledge about then its their droppings which carry bacteria backed up from dirty feet everywhere throughout your establishment."


Dining Area

Fruit flies can enter your business on fresh food product, especially fruits and vegetables. They breed in wet organic materials commonly found under equipment or at the bottom of drains which may lead to an incident with bacteria-infected microbes such as E coli , Listeria Monocystis Salmonella etc., all leading towards potential health risks if not dealt properly by you!


Garbage Area

The risk of flies entering a restaurant is not just an aesthetic concern. They can increase pest pressure on the building and result in insects actively entering through open doors, which poses severe health risks for both employees as well customers who eat at your business! These large creatures have wingspans upwards from 12-18 inches long with some even growing up to 25mm depending upon species; this makes them capable flyers able  to take advantage spaces between gaps or cracks
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