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Fleas Have Invaded Conroe TX and Houston Area Too!

Alrighty, thanks for checking out CPL pest control podcast channel. Today we are talking about a fleas in and around Conroe, Texas. So if you are experiencing fleas, you should continue to tune in. So when we think about fleas, the first question is, why in the world? am I dealing with fleas right now […]

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Conroe Is Crawling With Ticks This Winter!

This Winter, Conroe, TX is crawling with Ticks! Ticks are tiny blood-sucking creatures that can attach themselves to you or your pet and suck your blood. Ticks can carry diseases like Lyme Disease, which can be dangerous and even deadly. But the Tick invasion here in Conroe,TX is due to one reason and one reason […]

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Bees Are Causing A Big Problem In Conroe!

Bees are causing a huge problem in Conroe, TX this December! As temperatures begin to fall, the cold weather is causing Bees to build nests in warm and safe Conroe homes. Bees are especially very dangerous when they swarm, which is what is happening here in Conroe this December. Typically, Bees swarm here in Southeast […]

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Sugar Ants are ATTACKING Conroe, TX Kitchens!

Winter is here in Conroe, TX! (or something like that….) And unfortunately so are Sugar Ants. Over the last week we have seen an influx of calls come in regarding Sugar Ants in homes. You may be wondering, why is Conroe experiencing such a high volume of Sugar Ants this Winter? Colder temperatures usually taper […]

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