Moles are a Problem in Houston, Spring, and Woolands Texas.. Holy Moly!

Already righty, welcome back to CPL pest controls podcast channel. I’m your host, Chris Villarreal, here with CPL, pest control, Houston branch. And today we are talking about moles and voles and other burrowing rodents that may be destroying your yard. So if you’re like most homeowners, your yard is kind of the first thing that you know, people see. And a lot of people like to take good care of their yards. And we spend a lot of time mowing our grass and mulching our yards. And, you know, making them look nice and pretty for the springtime. And the last thing you want is some type of a burrowing rodent that lives rent free underneath your yard tearing it up. And so kind of want to go over in this video, what to look for, what what we’re looking for, and what can be done most importantly, to get rid of these furry burrowing rodents living in your yard. So the first thing we got to ask ourselves is what are we dealing with, right? So you know, here in southeast Texas, we deal with moles, and we deal with voles. And those are predominantly what we are experiencing when it comes to, you know, these little burrowing rodents that destroy yards. And so the difference between the two is very important, because the way we go about treating the two is entirely different. So when we’re dealing with the mole, what we’re looking for is we’re looking for soft areas in the ground, right, that lets us know that there’s a tunnel, a burrowing system that’s underneath our yard. And what the Mole will do a lot of the times is they’ll exit out of their of their burrow, and they’ll dig the dig their way out. And they’ll make this nice little dome, pyramid looking dirt. You know, mount, if you will, next to the hole that lets us know that we’re dealing with a mole. And your mole is a lot easier to treat, when we’re dealing with the Mole. What we can do, what we hear TPMS control do is we use a special device that is the most humane way of exterminating the Mole. What we do is we inject carbon monoxide into their burrowing tunnel and effectively eradicate the problem like that. In doing so, we’re able to keep the moles where they’re at. Like I said, they’re exterminated in that area, they die in that area. And we don’t have to worry about digging them out. We don’t have to worry about trapping them and so forth. Some companies like to employ traps. Some other companies like to employ bait, we like to employ the the carbon monoxide method, we just found it that’s the most effective way of getting rid of them and getting rid of the problem. Now if we’re dealing with the vole, the Vols a little different and how we eradicate them, their tunnels are a little bit closer to the surface. So it makes injecting carbon monoxide a little bit more difficult still a possibility. It’s still a method. But one of the big ways by which we eradicate the Vole is by essentially setting up bait inside their tunnels. In doing so they the vole will eat the bait, digest the bait and die both in your mon your vor attracted to your yard because of the insect the grubs and earthworms that live inside your yard in so that is one of the big, you know, that’s one of the ways by which we eliminate them. So the next question is how do I keep my yard free from these burrowing rodents. The biggest way that you can ever eliminate any type of a pest is to eliminate the food source. When you eliminate the food source, you eliminate the problem. And so in doing so, what we recommend is a thorough treatment of your yard to eliminate the food source the earthworms, the grubs, those insects that live kind of underneath the yard in the ground where those burrowing rodents like to hide in so in doing so we can effectively eliminate the problem by eradicating the current current problem and then moving forward keeping them away. So very important that both of those methods are employed to to keep the problem from coming back in the future. Like I said, very important because I know you worked very hard on your yard. I know you’ve you know, trying to make it look nice and you know these moles and voles are tearing it up. And so you don’t want that. So here’s what you what you do want to do you want to call CPL pest control 281-683-6737. My name is Chris, here’s what I want you to do, I want you to ask to speak with Chris, that’s going to let me know that you listen to this podcast, and that you already heard all the information that I want to tell you over the phone so we can skip right to going out and giving you a quote, I don’t have to bore you with the boat with the dynamics of moles and voles and the difference between the two. So give us a call today if you’re having these problems. 281-683-6737. Again, my name is Chris and I want you to ask to speak with Chris. I’m sitting here waiting for you to give me a call. Give us a call today for your free inspection and your free quote. Thanks for listening to this podcast, and I’m here waiting for you to give us a call. Thanks again for listening. Hello, I’m Chris with CPL pest control. If you’re like most homeowners, your home is your most valuable possession. You want to protect it from termites, roaches, mosquitoes, rats, mice, and other unwanted pests that can cause damage, even spread serious diseases to you, your family and your pets and CPOE pest control. We understand that we’re a full service pest control company dedicated to helping folks just like you live pest free lives. So call us today 281-683-6737 For a free pest consultation and a free estimate.

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