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Why Choose CPL Pest Control To Take Care Of Your DryWood Termites?

Welcome to CPL Pest Control, your trusted provider for Dry Wood Termite Control throughout the ENTIRE Houston, TX area! For more than 20 years we have made a commitment to provide expert extermination services, termite control, professional advice, and exceptional customer support to home and business owners. Our fully licensed and insured technicians are ready to help you solve your most challenging Dry Wood Termite problems today!

Dry Wood termites are a serious problem in The Heights, TX. The Heights is a historical area of Houston and is home to so many awesome and fun things to do. In the last 30 years, The Heights has transformed into one of Houston’s most thriving areas to live. But people aren’t the only thing living in The Heights, TX this year. Dry Wood Termites love The Heights, TX and because Dry Wood Termites can be problematic, you need an expert to take care of your Dry Wood Termite problem. Unlike subterranean termites or formosan termites, Dry Wood Termites live and feed off of the wood in your home. They can cause extensive damage to the framing, floors, and walls of your home, and can even weaken the structural integrity of your home. You don’t want to deal with Dry Wood Termites alone!

What Is A Termite?

Termites are small, white or pale, social insects that live in colonies by the hundreds of thousands.  They only measure about 1/2 inch to 2/3 inch long, making them very hard to detect.  They are fast breeders, and can infest your home in a short period of time.

Formosan termites are the most aggressive and destructive type of termite. They can cause serious damage to your home in a very short amount of time. Dry Wood Termites are not as aggressive as Formosan Termites, but they can cause serious structural damage to your house if left unattended for some time. And unfortunately for us, Dry Wood Termites Are destroying The Heights, TX! According to the Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service, “Dry wood termites are the most common termite in Texas and can cause extensive damage to wood products.

How Do DryWood Termites Work?

Dry Wood Termites are very small, and they can travel through the smallest cracks and crevices in your home. Once they find a piece of wood to eat, they will bore into it and start to feed. They can do significant damage to your home if left untreated. They colonize in large numbers, and can quickly eat through the framing, floors, and walls of your home.

How Much Wood Can A Dry Wood Termite Consume?

When it comes to consuming wood, Dry Wood Termites are voracious eaters. A colony of dry wood termites can consume more than 100 pounds of wood in a single year. This amount is incredible, which is why you need to take action fast if you have an infestation of dry wood termites.

How Do I Know If I Have A DryWood Termite Problem?

If you have an older home, or have been noticing the wood in your home has been chewed through, there’s a chance you have a dry termite problem. In order to check for a dry wood termite infestation, you can do a few simple things. First, look for small holes in the wood that have been chewed through. If you have small piles of wings near the wood in your home, there’s a chance you have Dry Wood termites. Finally, you can also bring in a professional to do an inspection of your home for termites.

What Does A DryWood Termite Look Like?

Unfortunately, Dry wood termites are hard to detect. Dry wood termites lack the white, creamy-white abdomen that most people associate with a termite. Dry wood termites look very much like ants, with straight waists and bent antennae near the head. The Dry wood termite gets its name from where the Dry wood termites typically infest; dry wood. Dry Wood Termites do not require contact with water, like Subterranean Termites do, to survive.

DryWood termites can live and feed off of the wood in your home without any contact with water. Dry Wood Termites are different than other types of termites because they do not need to live in contact with the soil in order to survive. They can live and feed off of the wood in your home, which makes them especially dangerous. Dry Wood Termites can also travel long distances.

What Can You Do To Keep DryWood Termites Away?

There are a few things you can do to help keep dry wood termites away from your home:

-Keep all the wood in your home painted, sealed, and in good condition.

-Avoid planting trees near your home, especially evergreen trees like pine or cedar.

-Make sure you have a good termite treatment plan in place.

-If you think you might have a dry wood termite infestation, call CPL Pest Control!

How Should We Treat My Home If I Have Dry Wood Termites?

There are a number of methods at exterminating Dry Wood Termites. Tent fumigating is a very popular method at exterminating Dry Wood Termites. But Tent Fumigation offers no protection against future Dry Wood Termite infestations. In other words, you can literally have a problem again with Dry Wood Termites once they take the tent down and they fly in from a neighbors house. That is why you need a Dry Wood prevention method. You need us at CPL Pest Control to protect your home from Dry Wood Termites today and in the future!

What Should I do If I Think I Have Dry Wood Termites?

You should call CPL Pest Control for your FREE Consultation and Quote! We promise to use the best in technology to determine if your home or dwelling does indeed have a problem with Termites, what type of Termite, and develop a plan to eradicate the problem! We promise to exterminate these Dry Wood Termites so you can rest easy! Don’t let Dry Wood Termites destroy The Heights! We can help! Call 281-683-6737, as always ask for Chris!

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