Fleas Have Invaded Conroe TX and Houston Area Too!

Flea Life Cycle

Alrighty, thanks for checking out CPL pest control podcast channel. Today we are talking about a fleas in and around Conroe, Texas. So if you are experiencing fleas, you should continue to tune in. So when we think about fleas, the first question is, why in the world? am I dealing with fleas right now in the middle of January? It just doesn’t make sense, right? You think to yourself, it’s colder, we have colder temperatures. It’s not warm, my pets are vaccinated why in the world and my dealing with fleas, right now, certainly the sounds like a spring problem or a summer problem. The reason why we are dealing with fleas in and around Conroe to today, and this week, and for the last couple weeks is because of the mild temperatures that we’ve had. So if you didn’t know, I believe I read an article a couple of days ago that said that. December was the warmest, the warmest, it’s been since 18, I think 69 or something like that we had the warmest December that we’ve had in over 150 years, and so been a wild and mild winter, you know, Christmas was like in the upper 80s or something like that here a couple weeks ago. So it certainly was not a cold December, we weren’t thinking and dreaming of a white Christmas. And so that not only is frustrating for Christmas shopping and getting into the Christmas spirit, but that’s also frustrating for pest control operators because we typically rely on the winter season to knock out and contain pests that we normally would see in the summer in springtime. And so among those pests are Phillies. And so, and that’s all fine and dandy, right that we you know, are dealing with fleas on the outside. That’s, that’s okay, we can deal with that. Right I think homeowners are okay for the most part with having some fleas in the yard. You know, they’re comfortable with taking take, you know, getting it taken care of in a couple of days or weeks. But it certainly is not an emergency. But the problem arises is when we start seeing fleas on the inside, and that is what we are seeing this winter we are seeing an abundance of flea problems on the inside of homes. Now, what is causing this. So on one end we have a mild winter. So in that mild winter that mild winter has not declined the flea population like it normally has. So we December November and part of January, we are seeing this increase in flea population. Now what is happening is sporadically throughout the month of November, December in January, January, we have had some cold nights, those colder nights, we tend to bring our pets inside. Nobody wants to be out in the cold temperatures. And so what happens is we have fleas in the yard. Fleas require a host to transfer foam from one place to the other in so that they will use our pets to transfer from point A to point B point B being your home. So we bring our pets inside when we bring our pets inside. That is how they transfer from the outside to the inside. So it’s not so much only the mild winter but it’s the mild winter coupled with a couple freezing nights that we bring our pets inside. So how do we take care of this problem? Well, the way we take care of this problem is twofold and it requires some help from you, the homeowner, the business owner, wherever it is you are experiencing fleas, so on one end, you must treat your pet for fleas. There is plenty of medication out there today for not very expensive prices anymore, that can help reduce the amount of fleas on your pet. Remember, think of your pet as the host. Anywhere your pet goes. That’s where fleas are going to be. So Your pet sleeps in your room, you’re more than likely going to have fleas in your room. If your pet likes to hang out in the living room, more than likely gonna experience a flea problem there. And so one of the first questions I always ask my customers is, do you have carpet and the reason why I asked that is because fleas will harbor in carpet in the same way that they harbor in grass in so much that it’s crowded like grass is it’s cluttered like grass is and there’s plenty of, if you will bacteria for fleas to continue to thrive off of and not have to worry about a food source in so and they’re totally hidden from visibility in carpet. So 90% of the cases we are dealing with homes. You know, homes that are having a flea problem are homes that also have carpet, and so it’s very important that we spray the entire outside in inside of the home. Now you may be asking yourself, Chris, that sounds like a lot of chemical being poured on my property and it is. But the good thing is is that this is the safest chemical that we have on the market today. It is odorless, it is pet friendly, and it is human friendly. So it is totally safe for you, your pets, your loved ones to be there while we spray and take care of your flea problem. Now, I always tell my clients we are going to experience 100% results today, immediately because we are spraying everywhere where a flea could harbor nest grow, populate, have fun, and knock them out today. Now what customers don’t realize is that there are eggs, living and breathing in our homes. So anywhere where there are fleas, they are doing their best to colonize and doing their best to repopulate and replenish the area. And so they are laying eggs. So it is very important that we come back within 14 to 21 days to knock out that second generation before they themselves start laying eggs. You see no chemical can penetrate the eggs. So we have to go out there and knock out that next generation before they start laying eggs. In doing so we 100% totally eradicate your flea problem. So if you or a loved one are dealing with fleas, we highly encourage you to call CPL pest control to 816836737 We promise to totally defend your home from fleas, get rid of the flea problem. So that way your pets aren’t itching, you’re not itching and everybody is happy and you can roll into the spring with a flea free problem. So call today for your free consultation and quote, again that’s 281-683-6737 If you listen to this entire podcast, ask for Chris when you call. If you ask for Chris, I have a special promotion that is just for you. I look forward to speaking with you and I look forward to making your home or structure a flea free environment. Thank you.

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