How Can You Keep Your Conroe TX Home FREE from Pest this Spring?

Alrighty, welcome back to CPL pest control podcast channel. Today we are talking about spring time pest control. And so as you may know we are now in the month of March, things are beginning to heat up. And as things heat up, so do pest populations. So we have had a relatively mild winter, we had a couple cold weeks, a couple cold days, a couple of days where the temperatures did stay below freezing, which was definitely nice. We do enjoy that break from the sun and the heat occasionally. But as most Texans are built, we are not built for the cold season. And so we are very excited about warmer temperatures and very excited about eliminating a pest before they become a problem inside your home. And so today we are talking about springtime pest control. So if you did not heed the warning that we provided back in the winter, no need to fear we can still take care of your pest and break the pest cycle before they age and mature and become a infestation type level of a problem in your home. So one of the things that we went over in the wintertime was the importance of winter pest control and winter pest control ensures that the pest cycle remains broken. And it ensures that pests do not become a problem in the springtime because that pest cycle has been broken, and the reproductive nature of those pests has been disturbed. And so but none Nonetheless, if you are like most homeowners and didn’t see the need for pest control in the wintertime, no need to worry, we can still take care of your problem and break that pest cycle. So this spring, what can we expect. So because it did not get terribly cold this past winter for a long period of time, we can still expect to see plenty of fleas this spring. So as we let our pets into the yard, and as our pets come back into our homes, we have to be careful of fleas, fleas and ticks, like in other years can be a big problem in the springtime, because that is when fleas are more likely to come out out of the soil and repopulate. And so as as we approach the spring months, March, April and May, fleas and ticks become a bigger problem. So what can you do to prevent fleas and ticks from becoming a problem

in your home this spring. So number one, if you do not want to treat your yard, it is very important that you at least treat your pet in doing so you can not prevent pests from becoming a problem in the home. If you have fleas in the yard, eventually they’re going to make their way inside of the house. But what you do by treating at least one of the host is you decrease the the level at which how fast they come into the house. And so in other words, if we are running towards the cliff, at 100 miles an hour, by treating the host by treating one of the pets, you decrease the opportunity fleas coming to the home by about 40%, which you know, you’re still running towards the cliff at the edge of the cliff but you’re not running at it with full steam ahead. And so that definitely does help out. But of course, the biggest attribute you can do or the biggest level of protection you can do to protect your home from fleas and ticks this spring is by allowing CPL pest control to come out and treat the yard. So one of the things that we do when treating for pest in the springtime is we are treating the entire yard. That means we spray from one end of the mailbox or one end of the yard all the way to the end of your mailbox. So we are totally solidifying your home creating a layer a layer of protection, a barrier if you will, from pest coming through and creating some type of a over infestation in your yard. And so that a bakes breaks the pest cycle and B creates a preventative measure from a pest populating in your yard, which in turn will protect the inside of your home. But to be extra careful what we do is we spray the inside of your home. You can check out some of our YouTube videos where we go into detail about this and you can see an actual visual explanation. But we spray a little baseboards and so we’re spraying all of the baseboards, you know in the rooms, kitchen, dining room and that could breeds that secondary barrier of protection, which if something does fly over or jump over this barrier protection that we have on the outside, it’ll wipe them out once they come across that chemical barrier on the inside. So it is a full level way of taking care of pest in your home this spring. And so other pests that we can expect to see this spring include spiders, plenty of spiders, remember, if you have insects in your yard, you’re gonna have spiders and spiders are a natural way at taking care of pest. But unfortunately, they can’t move as fast as some of our chemicals can. And so they just become more of a nuisance and more of a fright than anything else. But they do help to decrease some of that, you know, pest populations. But one of the things that I wanted to talk about in this episode is also the last push for rodents in the spring. So we see rodent populations inside of homes real big in the fall. And in the spring. The reason why is because the temperatures are all over the place. In the fall, we’re going from really warm temperatures in from the summer, to milder temperatures in rodents consents that sense that dip and barometer pressure, and then push their way inside. And so that’s what triggers rodents. And you could check out our video or episode that we did a couple months ago with respect to rodents, where we go into further detail about rodents and their their makeup and what drives them to come into your house into your homes and commercial establishments. But essentially, the the change of temperature is what brings rodents from point A to point B. And so we again see a change in temperature, a drastic change in temperatures come March, April and May. And that’s where we go from seeing the last cold days to warmer days. And

so because temperatures are still all over the place, we just like the animals outside of the critters outside of the rodents outside or become confused. And they then are looking for warmer places to stay during those random cold nights that we’ll get in the month of April in May. So I just wanted to warn you of the last roaded push that we see typically in mid spring. So something to be on the lookout if you dodged the bullet. This fall and early winter with respect to rodents in your home congrats but you’re not out of the woods just yet. So if you do do hear pitter patter in the attic, you hear noises or you see Worst of all, erode it scurrying across your pantry at night, give us a call to 816836737 or if you want to break the pest cycle before we head into the warmer months. And before we have a bigger problem inside of yards, give us a call at 281-683-6737 You’ll receive a free consultation and a free quote. We’ll tell you what we can do to take care of your yard to take care of your home to make sure that it stays pest and rodent free. As always, if you call ask for Chris, I have a special promotion that’s just for you. When you call and you say I want to speak with Chris. So we thank you. I thank you in advance for giving us a call. I look forward to answering your questions. And thank you for checking out CPL pest controls podcast channel.

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