Termite Control

Why Do Termites Swarm In Spring, TX?

Termites are out and about this Spring! With just a few weeks away from Spring, temperatures are already starting to climb. As temperatures climb so do insect populations. Unfortunately, this time of year, we deal with a very specific pest… the Termite! Termites are swarming all over the Greater Houston area this year! Termites swarm […]

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How to Treat for Termites In Houston, TX!

If you’re reading this article, its probably because you are dealing with Termites! Termites are an invasive critter here in Houston that create millions of dollars of damage. Sometimes, Termites damage your home, for years, without you noticing. But Houston is no stranger to Termites, overall we rank number 8 in the United States for […]

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Drywood Termites Are Swarming In Houston!

Houston homeowners are on high alert for dry wood termites! These pesky insects can cause significant damage to your home if left untreated. This Spring, Drywood Termites are swarming all over Houston! From The Heights to Pearland, Drywood Termites have invaded South east Texas! Unfortunately, most homeowners go months without noticing Drywood Termite damage. This […]

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Houston We Have A Problem! TERMITES!

Houston, we have a problem! Termites are beginning to swarm and if they’re not dealt with quickly, they can cause significant damage to your home. Swarming termites are a sign that the colony is growing and looking for new places to live. If you see termites flying around your home, you need to take action […]

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