Why Does Spring,TX Have A Problem With Silverfish?

Many homeowners in Spring, TX may not realize they may have a problem with silverfish in their homes until it is too late. Perhaps it is when you realize your family photos have been destroyed, or perhaps when you go to read your favorite book only to realize it has been chewed away by some pestering insect! But why does Spring, TX have a problem with Silverfish this winter? This winter we have received many phone calls concerning Silverfish in the Spring, TX area. Our guess is the colder weather along with the moving of packages during the winter season has transported silverfish from one area to the other and all throughout Spring,TX!

Silverfish are small insects that often come into homes through cracks and crevices or by crawling up walls from exterior vegetation or mulch. This is especially true in Spring,TX because of the moist conditions outside.

Silverfish are nocturnal and visible by their silvery blue metallic color. Silverfish have been known to live for a couple of years without food but can die in a couple of days without water. Silverfish are often found alone, although they are known to come into homes in large numbers.

If you are seeing silverfish in your home this is a sign that there could be an infestation of them coming through cracks or crevices of your home. This means that the problem with silverfish is out of control and they are no longer simply entering into your home but now have established a colony inside as well.

Silverfish are not dangerous to humans or pets, but they can be a pain because they will eat many things you use in your home. They are attracted to paper products, starch-based clothing and carpeting, wallpaper paste, glues used on book bindings, and rayon fabrics. Silverfish like moisture so if you dry everything out properly this should take care of the problem quickly.

Silverfish can cause major damage to your home. If you are seeing more than one of these insects in your house, or if they are multiplying, it is time for silverfish extermination. You need to have CPL Pest Control come take a look or you will have a bigger, more costly problem in your home.

What Do Silverfish Look Like?

The silverfish is a small, 1/2 inch insect that has two long antennae and three long appendages on its rear. These resemble fish fins, hence the name silverfish. They are very slender and flattened with scales on their body. Silverfish can be gray to bluish in color and their bodies can change color or become more metallic looking if they come into contact with moisture.

How Can I Tell If I Have Silverfish In My Home?

When silverfish become established in a home it is very difficult to control them because of the many cracks and crevices that lead all over any home. Silverfish like moist areas, but can be found everywhere in a home. Because of this if you see one it may mean you have many more. If silverfish are present in your home you will first notice their trails as they crawl on walls and floors. These trails may appear as thin silvery streaks or glistening paths. You will also find moulted skin, excrement, and small white eggs. Silverfish can be found anywhere in your home. The most common places are the bedroom, kitchen cupboards or food storage areas, bathrooms, and other damp locations throughout your home.

How Can I Get Rid Of The Problem With Silverfish?

Because silverfish thrive in moist conditions it is important to control them by reducing areas that are moist. This includes caulking cracks and crevices, repairing leaks inside of walls or under sinks, fixing leaking pipes on exterior walls of your home, removing plant life from around the exterior foundation of your home, and making sure gutters are clear so water can properly drain off your roof. Silverfish will not come into your home through dry areas. Any moisture on belongings such as books, clothes, and boxes should be thoroughly dried out before storing them away. If you find silverfish in items such as cereal or granola then it is important to place these foods in an air-tight container, or if the infestation is too severe then throw the items away.

What Should I Do If If I Have A Problem With Silverfish?

If you are experiencing a problem with silverfish, you should call CPL Pest Control! We promise to make your home silverfish free this winter! Give us a call for your FREE Consultation and Quote! Call 281-683-6737, as always ask for Chris!

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