Raccoons, Squirrels, and Rats Have Taken Over Conroe Attics!

When the fall and winter seasons roll around, there is a drastic increase in wildlife in attics all across the United States, and Conroe, TX is no exception! This isn’t just true for wild animals such as bats, skunks, and raccoons; this also includes squirrels, mice, and rats. These rodents are out looking for somewhere warm to hang out during the cold months and they are simply looking for a safe place to stay. Rodents who find themselves stuck in your attic will likely chew on whatever wires or insulation they can find while desperately trying to escape which can lead to serious destruction of your property! This is also a HUGE fire hazard.

For homeowners, this increase in wildlife makes it difficult to catch them before they start causing significant damage inside your home. Although it may seem like a difficult task for wild animals to get into your attic, the reality is that they are becoming more and more common as the weather gets colder. At CPL Pest Control we see this problem year-round but with winter coming around so quickly, wildlife in attics is one of our biggest problems at the moment. Some homeowners here in Conroe say they don’t believe they have any squirrels or raccoons living in their attics. However, as soon as we start opening up walls and ceilings we’re finding rodents everywhere!

What Kind Of Wildlife Do We See In Conroe?

Raccoons are probably the most common wild animal we see in attics here in Conroe. This is mainly because raccoons are extremely smart and intelligent. They make their way into attics by ripping up vents, going in through the eaves, or finding a way to access when the homeowner leaves a door open. If they are already living in your attic, you will know because you will hear noises in the walls or ceiling and there will be droppings throughout the attic.

Raccoons are not afraid of people which makes them difficult to catch. Once they find somewhere warm and safe to stay in, they will sit there until the weather is warm enough for them to come out. Raccoons also have very sharp claws which are great for climbing trees, but terrible for finding a grip on drywall. This is why raccoons end up tearing up your vents.

Another example of Wildlife we see here in Conroe is the Opossum!

While most people would consider the Opposum to be cute and cuddly, they are extremely dangerous. This is mainly because they are carriers of roundworm parasites. Roundworms are extremely common in opossums and they can also be found in housecats who eat opossum feces on the premise. If these feces is on your property, it is recommended that you call a professional pest control company to remove it immediately. The roundworm parasite can cause blindness, pneumonia, seizures, and severe lung disease in humans. If you or anyone in your home has come into contact with opossum feces, please do not hesitate to call our professionals at CPL Pest Control.

Squirrels are also a nuisance to Conroe homes this time of year!

Squirrels come into attics through gaps around vents, soffits, and eaves. Squirrels will also chew a hole in your roof to get inside. Once in your attic, they will chew on wires to create nests in which to have their babies! Squirrels are also carriers of the roundworm parasite.

We also see Rodents like Rats and Mice in Conroe attics this time of year!

Rodents are much different than raccoons when it comes to entering your attic. Their main goal is to find somewhere warm and safe, but they also seek out homes with easy access to food resources. These are the two main reasons why rodents like to make their home in your attic. Rats and mice are usually the culprits here in Conroe. All it takes is a little crack in your foundation or a gap in your soffit to give them access to your attic. Rats and mice not only carry diseases but they also bring along fleas! Fleas can be a huge nuisance to your home and family. Not only that, but these critters also want to chew on just about everything they come across which is why it is extremely common to find chewed wires and insulation in your attic.

Rats and mice can be very difficult to catch or trap because they are very smart and cautious. Once they realize something is off about their environment they will most likely relocate somewhere else in your house or find a way back outside. Because of this reason, it is extremely important that you contact a pest control professional as soon as you discover signs of rodents in your attic.

How Can I Keep Wildlife Out Of My Attic This Winter?

There are a few ways you can try to prevent wildlife from entering your attic:

1. Seal up any cracks or crevices in your foundation and soffits.

2. Make sure you keep the inside of your home free from clutter and food sources.

3. Just like rodents, it is important to keep your home free from pest control chemicals.

If you have noticed any of these signs in your attic, please contact CPL Pest Control! It is our job to protect your home from wild animals, rodents, and bugs! We use only the best products and technology to do so. Give us a call for your FREE consultation and Quote! Call 281-683-6737, as always, ask for Chris!

Please feel free to contact us at CPL Pest Control if you have any questions about wildlife in your area.

Thanks for reading!

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