Snakes are slithering all over Conroe, TX!

Snakes are all over Conroe, TX this winter! We here in Conroe are experiencing an unusually high snake population. We have received so many calls concerning Snakes inside of homes, in gardens and underneath crawlspaces. Snakes are everywhere in the forests of East Texas this year. So many snakes have been showing up that backyard gardening has nearly had to come to a stop for some families. And this snake problem is not only disrupting our lives but it is causing havoc with pet dogs and cats too! Dog walks in the woods have become nearly impossible with the fear of snakes at every tree limb. All over Conroe, this Winter, you turn and there is another snake looking at you!

According to CPL Pest Control, your local wildlife experts, snakes are enjoying this winter because it has been so mild! We just cant get a break from the heat. Snakes don’t hibernate but they do stay in their dens during cold weather. This year snakes in Texas did not have to do that. Because the temperature has hovered over 70 degrees for most of December, snakes just stayed out all winter long!

What Types of Snakes Do We See Here In Conroe?

There are three common types of snakes that we see around Conroe, Texas. The first type is the harmless rat snake. We also have the poisonous copperhead, and coral snakes too.

Rat Snakes:

The rat snakes aren’t aggressive and they will only bite if provoked or threatened. They like to eat ground squirrels and mice so they can be real help to homeowners during the colder months of the year. Rat Snakes look like rattlesnakes but they don’t have rattlers.

If you see a rat snake in your yard try not to disturb it. They rarely attack people and their bite is only as dangerous as a bee sting.

Copperhead Snakes:

Copperheads are well camouflaged and they are very patient. Even if one is within sight, it will remain motionless for most of the day or night until it can strike at an unsuspecting prey. Copperheads like to eat amphibians, lizards, and small mammals.

Copperheads are a poisonous snake and they will strike if they feel threatened. They have a bad reputation but copperheads do not actually attack people or animals unless threatened first. Just leave them alone and you should never have any problems with these snakes as long as you leave them along too.

Coral Snakes:

Coral snakes are also poisonous and they too will strike when threatened. They like to eat other snakes and small lizards in the wild. Coral Snakes look like the harmless Kingsnakes and they inhabit the same areas. If you see a snake in your yard and it has rings like this one, you can be sure it is a Coral Snake. If you aren’t sure what kind of snake it is, stay away from the snake and call CPL Pest Control

What Do Snakes Like to Eat?

Snakes are carnivores, meaning that they only eat meat. That’s right A VEGETARIAN SNAKE IS NOT POSSIBLE! So what do snakes like to eat?

Well, they mostly like rodents and other small animals including birds eggs. But catching mice is hard work so if there aren’t enough meals in their own backyard they will go looking for easier prey. So the odds are pretty high that if a snake is in your yard you have a mouse problem!

Are You Ready?

Some people in Conroe, TX think that snakes are good to have around because they eat pests like mice and rats. But most home owners know what it’s like to find a snake in the bathroom! How are you going to handle snakes?

There are many ways of controlling your snake population including snake traps, snake repellents and even killing them. Once you have controlled your local snake problem you can feel safe enjoying all of the extra greenery that winter brings .

How Can I Keep Snakes Out Of My Home?

Snakes like to stay near food and shelter. So what can you do to keep snakes out of your home? First, make sure that any mice in the area are controlled. Snakes that have plenty to eat don’t usually go wandering around looking for homes, cars, businesses or anywhere else to go.

Next, make sure that there is no standing water where pests like mice can thrive. Snakes like standing water too and they may want to hang out there. Third, make sure that you keep your yard cut short and remove leaves or other debris where mice can hide or find food.

Fourth, keep your crawl space clean and make sure it is sealed off from where mice can get in. Finally, make sure that your home is sealed up tight so that you can keep any snakes that wander in from getting back out.

What Should I Do If I Feel As If I Have Snakes?

You should call CPL Pest Control! It is very important you have a team like CPL Pest Control that will go out and correctly diagnose your snake situation. Don’t trust any team with protecting your home from snakes… trust CPL Pest Control. Call today for your FREE Consultation and Quote! Call 281-683-6737, as always, ask for Chris!

Thank you for reading!

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