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How Can You Keep Your Conroe TX Home FREE from Pest this Spring?

Alrighty, welcome back to CPL pest control podcast channel. Today we are talking about spring time pest control. And so as you may know we are now in the month of March, things are beginning to heat up. And as things heat up, so do pest populations. So we have had a relatively mild winter, […]

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Pre-Construction Termite Treatments Are Available In Houston, TX!

Welcome back to CPL pest controls podcast channel. And today we are talking about pre construction termite treatments. So as an introduction, as we’ve discussed in other videos, Houston, the Rio Grande Valley, all of the Texas coast coastal regions suffer from high termite populations. And so in our areas, whether you be in Houston, […]

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Why Do Wasps LOVE Spring, TX?

It’s no secret that wasps love Spring, TX. In fact, they seem to thrive in our climate! While their presence can be annoying to some, wasps are actually an important part of our ecosystem. They play a crucial role in pollination and help to keep other insect populations under control. Despite their importance, many people […]

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Caterpillars Are SLITHERING All Over The Greater Houston Area!

Houston is home to a variety of caterpillars, which can be found in backyards and homes. Some people may be wondering why these caterpillars are attracted to their yards and homes. This Spring we are seeing an uptick in Caterpillar population all throughout the Greater Houston Area! Read this article below that explains what a […]

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How To Keep Fire Ants Out Of Your Spring, TX Yards!

Spring is a beautiful time of year in Texas, but it can also be a time when fire ants start to invade your yards and homes. Fire ants are attracted to Spring, TX because of the warmer weather and the abundance of food. They are small, reddish-brown ants that can be very aggressive and cause […]

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