Gnats Are Invading Conroe Kitchens!

Winter is a much better time to be outside than the summer, mainly because there are hardly any pesky insects. But now, as spring approaches and temperatures begin to rise, Conroe homes are being attacked by one of winter’s most annoying pests: gnats! This past week we have received a handful of calls regarding gnats! These tiny bugs resemble flying ants and have been invading homes from their sewer system hiding places, and Conroe homeowners have been less than pleased!

Gnats are one of the most common complaints from those who have had a pest control inspection here in Conroe, TX recently. So now is the time to ensure that your home will be safe from these flying insects as they enter homes in droves looking for places to stay warm this winter season.

What Types of Gnats Do We See Here In Conroe?

There are a few different types of gnats, which vary in preference for homes.

The first type is the phorid fly, also called a humpback fly or coffin fly. These flies enjoy flying around decaying organic matter and staying indoors during the winter season. They usually enter homes through window screens and can be found near windows, doors, and small crevices and cracks near the home’s foundation.

The phorid fly is not harmful, but their droppings can cause an unsightly mess. They are small, black, and often resemble grains of sand or dirt.

The second type of gnat that may invade your Conroe home is the fungus gnat. These insects seek decaying organic matter but are also attracted to moisture, so they can be found near water sources like sinks and bathtubs. They are especially active during the spring season when humidity is high.

These insects don’t pose health risks (except for making your home an unsightly mess), but their presence indoors indicates that there could be a moisture problem in or near the home, which could end up causing problems for your Conroe home in the future.

While these two types of gnats are some of the more common pests that may be found around homes during this time of year, there is also another kind of gnat known as an eye gnat.

These tiny insects can be identified by their bright eyes, which are extremely noticeable. They are attracted to eye secretions, dead skin cells, and other moist organic matter. Eye gnats do not feed on humans or pets, but they will bite their eyes of them if they get close enough. It is especially bothersome for pet owners who have had problems with their pets’ eyes being affected by gnat bites.

The best way to rid your home of these pesky insects is by performing regular pest control inspections. We here at CPL Pest Control can make sure there aren’t any problems in or around your home that could be causing the gnats to come inside.

We also use our expertise to determine the type of gnat infesting your home, as well as come up with a solution to ensure they will not return.

We also recommend ways you can prevent the gnats from returning in the spring when it becomes warm outside again.

Do Gnats Carry Disease?

Though gnats are annoying, they are not dangerous to humans. Eye gnats may vector eye infections in livestock, but these kinds of insects rarely bite humans, so disease transmission is not very common with them. However, the phorid fly does pose a risk for humans because it can carry infectious agents that can cause human diseases or conditions. These conditions can include pneumonia, diarrhea, pinkeye, and even anthrax! So it is important to exterminate phorid flies

How Can I Prevent Gnats From Entering My Home?

The best way to prevent these insects from coming into your home is by making sure there are no problems that could attract them. Whether it’s a small crack in your foundation, a window screen damaged by weather, or any other problem you might not be aware of, all of those issues can lead gnats inside where they can do damage.

It’s also important to make sure you aren’t attracting them with food. Gnats are attracted to decaying organic matter, so keeping your home clean and free of any spills will make it less likely for gnats to invade your Conroe area home.

However, performing regular pest control inspections is the best way to ensure that there isn’t anything wrong in or around your home that is attracting gnats.

With these ways to rid your home of unwanted insects and keep them out throughout the year, there is no reason why any Conroe area home should have to deal with gnats during the winter. If you are experiencing a problem with gnats this holiday season, suffer no more! Call CPL Pest Control for your FREE Consultation and Quote! We promise to rid of your gnats! Call now 281-683-6737, as always ask for Chris!

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