Mud Daubers Are SWARMING Conroe, TX!

Mud Daubers are swarming Conroe, TX homes this December! This last week we have received MANY calls concerning Mud Daubers. However, most folks are not familiar with what a Mud Dauber looks like. Most folks here in Conroe confuse the Mud Dauber for the Wasps or Hornets. But they are entirely different! Mud daubers are small wasps that build nests out of mud. Like Hornets and Wasps, Mud daubers can sting but they only sting when protecting their nest. Which, is a big enough risk for most folks. Mud daubers often build their nests on the exterior of homes or other buildings here in Conroe, Texas. Which… can be problematic for me and you, as this is TOO close to home!

What Do Mud Daubers Look Like?

Mud daubers are black and blue wasps about 1/2 inch long. They build their nests out of mud, so they’re often found close to water. Mud daubers are often mistaken for and misidentified as other types of wasps, such as yellow-jackets and hornets. Mud daubers don’t have stingers, so unlike wasps and hornets who can be a threat to humans, mud daubers are for the most part….harmless.

What Is The Difference Between Mud Daubers, Wasps, and Hornets?

Mud daubers are not the same as wasps or hornets . Mud daubers do not live in social colonies like wasps. Mud daubers also do not have a queen wasp. All the mud dauber wasps in a nest are male. Mud daubers are also solitary insects. Mud daubers do not share their nests with other mud daubers. Mud dauber wasps will also sting to protect their nests but they are less likely to attack than wasps in Conroe, Texas . Mud daubers prey on other insects, including spiders, which is why they are often found near homes and other buildings.

Why Do I Have Mud Daubers In My Home?

Mud daubers are found throughout the United States, but they love it here Conroe. Likely because of their ability to adapt to a wide range of habitats. Mud Daubers love warm weather, and are more active during the late spring and summer months. The reason why we are seeing so many this season is because of the relatively mild winter we are having. Colder temperatures should taper Mud Dauber population some, however, this year’s warm temperatures have failed to do so.

Mud Daubers like to make their nests in sunny locations that are protected from wind and rain. Mud daubers also like to build their nests near homes, since they tend to hide in dark spaces. Mud Daubers are attracted to the many insects that live near or around homes. Such as Ants, Spiders, and small Roaches.

Mud Daubers can be a nuisance because they build their nests in close proximity to people. Mud Daubers can become a problem if they build their nests near entrances, windows, or under roof overhangs. Mud dauber nests can often be found in door and window frames, on gutters, underneath roof overhangs, and around porch lights. Mud dauber nests are made of mud and plant fibers, and Mud Daubers will often use old spider webs to strengthen their nests. Mud Daubers will often build their nests in clusters, so Mud Daubers living near each other may join forces to build a large nest. Mud Daubers can be beneficial, however, because they help to control the number of spiders in an area.

How Do I Know If I Have Mud Daubers In My Home?

Mud Daubers are easy to spot – Mud daubers are wasps that range in color from black and yellow, to black and blue. Mud daubers are about 1/2 inch long, and they build their nests out of mud. Mud daubers often build their nests on the exterior of homes or other buildings, which often leads to Mud Daubers finding their way into homes and buildings. Mud daubers build their nests in clusters, so if you see a few Mud Daubers together, it’s likely that they are building a nest. Mud daubers are often mistaken for and misidentified as other types of wasps, such as yellow-jackets and hornets.

What Should I Do If I Get Stung By a Mud Dauber?

If you are stung by a mud dauber, you should clean the wound and apply a cold compress to the area. You may also need to take an over-the-counter pain reliever. If you have any difficulty breathing or experience chest pain, you should seek medical attention immediately.

What You Should Do If You Find A Mud Dauber

People who have Mud Daubers nesting around their home in Conroe, Texas should be aware that the Mud Daubers can sting and cause a reaction. If you see a Mud Dauber nest, it is best to leave the nest alone and not try to remove it. Instead call us here at CPL Pest Control! We promise to exterminate your Mud Dauber problem and protect your Conroe home from having a Mud Dauber problem in the future! Give us a call for your FREE Consultation and Quote! Call 281-683-6737, as always, ask for Chris!

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