New Year…. New Pest In Conroe, TX!

2022 is just around the corner! Another year gone! We have had fun here at CPL Pest Control in 2021 but we are excited about what the future has in store here in Conroe, TX and throughout the entire Houston area in 2022. Here in Conroe, TX you can expect all kinds of bugs this upcoming year! This is because according to the forecast, 2022 will bring a mild winter and spring. A cold snap usually tapers insects and bug population, however, the mild temperatures will serve as an invitation. The mild weather signals to the bugs that they can leave their homes and find a new one… your home. They will want to find a new home before it gets too hot out for them. All in all 2022 will be a great year to watch bug behavior and prevent them from entering your home!

There are two big bugs that will appear more in 2022, which are crickets and grasshoppers . Crickets are usually found around trees or dead leaves on the ground. Which as you look around here in Conroe… we have plenty of trees and dead leaves. You can hear their loud chirps at night! Grasshoppers are easy to spot in the spring, because they are easy to spot flying away from grass.


Grasshoppers are a herbivorous insect of the suborder Caelifera in the order Orthoptera. That means grasshoppers are grass-eating insects. Grasshoppers are jumpers and can jump really high, some grasshoppers can even fly. A grasshopper is about 2-25 cm long. A grasshopper can be green, brown or black. Grasshoppers love Conroe, TX because they live in our beautiful grasslands. Grasslands present a perfect home for grasshoppers. Grasshoppers lay eggs in the grass and when they hatch, they continue populate the grassland, making them rather difficult to get rid of if not confronted correctly.


Crickets are insects that belong to the family Gryllidae. Crickets have wings and they use their wings to chirp or ‘sing’. Crickets are nocturnal, which means they travel at night. Crickets can range from 1/2 inch to 2 inches in length. crickets are typically brown in color however, crickets can also be found in black, orange, red and yellow. crickets love conroe, tx because crickets thrive in warm weather conditions. crickets are omnivores and crickets eat a variety of food including small insects, vegetation and fruit.

If you are not looking out for them, be sure to keep an eye out for them in 2022, these insects are sure to be on the rise this Spring!

The upcoming year will also bring a lot of ants. Ants of all different species. Ants can show up any time throughout the year, but 2022 should have more than usual. Again the reason why is, the mild temperatures we are expecting this year. Ants live in colonies underground.

2022 will also have a lot of Spiders , cockroaches, and fireflies . Spiders will be on the rise in 2022 because of the increase in humidity, and spiders love humidity. According to the extended forecast, we are expected to have higher than normal humidity levels this year. Fireflies will also be easy to spot in 2022 because of this increase in humidity. During 2022, you can expect crickets to chirp loudly outside your house at night, grasshoppers to fly, ants to crawl by your door, spiders to spin webs outside your door, and fireflies to light up the night.

What Should I Do To Prevent Bugs This Year?

In 2022, homeowners can expect a lot of bugs! To prevent them from entering your home, you should get rid of all the dead leaves and trees on your property so that bugs can’t hide under them. You should also get rid of other debris on the ground to prevent bugs from finding their way into your home! As always, make sure to keep food in tightly sealed containers. If you notice any pest problems inside or outside your home, you should contact CPL Pest Control! We promise to send your bugs to bug heaven! Call today for your FREE Consultation and Quote! Call 281-683-6737, as always as for Chris!

Thank you for reading!

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