The Woodlands

Why You Should Never Bait Termites In The Woodlands, TX!

The Woodlands, TX is no stranger to Termites. From March to July, homeowners all across The Woodlands experience thousands of dollars in damage caused by Termites. The problem is many homeowners don’t even know they have a problem with Termites. The biggest problem of all is that Termites aren’t that difficult to get rid of […]

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What Kind Of Bugs Can You Expect in The Woodlands,TX?

The Woodlands, TX is one of the most inviting places to live in the Houston area! With a hot real estate market continuing into the Winter, many folks find themselves still relocating in early 2022. Never before has the Woodlands, TX been so popular with new families moving in. With it’s proximity to Interstate 45 […]

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Squirrels Are Crawling ALL OVER The Woodlands, TX This Winter!

There are plenty of squirrels loose in The Woodlands, TX this winter! We have seen an abundance of calls from all over the Greater Houston Area regarding Squirrels but especially in The Woodlands, TX! Squirrels are native to the Houston area and can be found all throughout the region. Squirrels typically live in forests, but […]

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Why Do We Have So Many German Roaches In Houston, Spring, and The Woodlands?

German roaches are some of the most prevalent insects across the United States. These bugs tend to be more than just a nuisance, as they can contaminate food and cause an array of health issues. One reason German roaches have been so successful in establishing themselves here in the Houston area is because they can […]

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