Why Do Termites Swarm In Spring, TX?

Termites are out and about this Spring! With just a few weeks away from Spring, temperatures are already starting to climb. As temperatures climb so do insect populations. Unfortunately, this time of year, we deal with a very specific pest… the Termite! Termites are swarming all over the Greater Houston area this year!

Termites swarm in order to mate and start new colonies. The warmer weather in the springtime creates the perfect environment for them to swarm. If you see a lot of termites gathering together, it’s likely that they are getting ready to swarm. Continue reading to learn more how you can protect your home from Termites swarms!

Why Do Termites Swarm In Spring, TX?

One of the most common questions that we get asked at our office is why termites swarm. Many people want to know what the swarming process is and what it means for their home. While every situation is different, we’ve put together some general information about why termites swarm.

Most of the time, when people see swarms of winged insects near their home, they assume that they are termites. And in most cases, they are right! Termites swarm when they are ready to start a new colony. The majority of termite colonies are subterranean, which means they live underground. However, when the colony reaches a certain size, the winged reproductives, or swarmers, will leave the colony to establish new colonies.

Swarming usually occurs in the springtime, when the weather is warm and humid. This is because the termites need these conditions to be able to fly. Once the swarmers have found a suitable spot, they will land and shed their wings. Then, the male and female termites will start to build a new nest. If you see a swarm of termites near your home, don’t panic Call CPL Pest Control!

What Do Termite Swarmers Look Like?

Termite swarmers are dark-colored insects that have two pairs of wings. They can measure up to ½ inch in length and have a thick, cylindrical body. Swarming termites have characteristic pinched waists and long antennae. They are also often confused with flying ants, which can be differentiated by their elbowed antennae.

What Does It Mean If I Have Termite Swarmers?

If you see termite swarmers inside or outside of your home, it means that there is an active termite colony nearby. Termites swarm in order to mate and establish new colonies. It is important to address a swarmers sighting immediately, as it is a sign that the termites have begun to damage your home.

How Can I Protect My Home From Termite Swarmers?

If you have seen termites swarm near your home, it is important to take action right away. The best way to protect your home from termites is to call a professional pest control company. CPL Pest Control can help you identify the termite species and develop a treatment plan to protect your home.

Don’t let the threat of termites swarmers keep you up at night! Give CPL Pest Control a call today at 281-683-6737! As always ask for Chris!

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