Why You Should Keep Up With Pest Control In November!

It’s November here in the Southeast Texas area and with it come all of the joys of the Fall. Cooler temperatures, Pumpkin Spice and everything else that is nice. As temperatures fall, you may be thinking now would be a good time to ease off of the Pest Control services. While this may make good Houston sense, allow us to explain a host of new issues that arise every year around the Fall time.

You want your Houston Homes Protected from Rodents!

Each Fall, rodents invade homes, businesses, restaurants, etc! Rodents like field mice and roof rats are looking for a warm and cozy place to spend the cool November nights. And your attic makes a perfect environment for them. It begins with the sound of pitter padder in the ceiling, the next thing you know you are turning on the light and waking to a furry little creature in your kitchen! You want to prevent this! And the only way to prevent rodents from invading your home this fall is by continuing Pest services. We’ll make sure your home stays rodent free by continuing application of rodenticides and other measures that keep your home rodent free!

You want your Houston Homes Protected From Fleas!

As temperatures drop, the aggressive flea population that we see with warmer months begins to die down. However, this does not mean that they completely die off. For example, fleas will hibernate just like other insects in the soil to stay warm and below the freezing temperatures. Now because of our tropical climate here in Houston, we typically do not have a multiple consecutive weeks where temperatures stay below freezing. Therefore, you and I are more comfortable with keeping our pets outside during the day and returning them inside once evening comes and temperatures begin to fall. When we do this, we transport fleas and ticks and other insects from the outside. Remember, fleas and ticks require a host to travel upon, and our pets are a primary example of a qualified host. Most of our flea control comes during the fall and winter months. You can prevent this by maintaining pest control services even throughout the winter months.

You want to keep your Houston Homes Protected from Bedbugs! 

As the fall creeps around, you and I will be doing more traveling. We’ll travel and enjoy the holidays with friends and family. Maybe even spend the night or two in a hotel. And its here where the danger lies…. Anytime you are not spending the night in your own bed, you are subjecting yourself to whatever diseases, dangers and other detrimental circumstances that may be living in that bed….like bedbugs. Bedbugs can be a nuisance and can spread very easy throughout your home. Though general pest control services do not maintain and keep bedbugs away, you definitely want to keep your pest services running as to make sure your home is ALWAYS properly inspected.

If you currently do not have a pest company servicing your home, now would be a good time to get started. Choose a team like CPL Pest Control! We’ll promise to use the latest in technology to treat and inspect your home for all types of insects! Now is also a good time to get ahead of the spring pest cycle. When you treat your home in the Fall and winter months you break the pest cycle that resumes in Spring. So give us a call today at 281-683-6737 and as always, ASK TO SPEAK WITH CHRIS! and let us know you finished reading this article!

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