Why Should Houston Builders Consider A Pre-Construction Termite Treatment

There are two types of homes and dwellings here in South east Texas. Those that have had termites, and those who will have a problem with Termites. Termites are all around us. They crawl year round in the soil, they swarm every spring to mid summer, they even come in the wood you’re using to build that home. The problem of Termites is not going anywhere, therefore it is up to us to make sure this problem stays far away from the home being constructed. Many builders make the mistake of not utilizing a pre construction termite treatment because it is a problem that should arise well into the home’s life. However, this is not the case. Did you know Termites LOVE newer wood because it is easier to chew? Newer wood is softer, new homes are made of well… primarily newer wood. Keep on reading regarding the two types of pre – construction termite treatments we offer!

Pre-Construction Soil Treatment

This is where we spray the entire surface of where the foundation is going to be poured. Subterranean and Formosan Termites travel from the soil upwards. Here in Houston, our grounds shift so much. As the ground shifts, hairline cracks arise in the foundation. When hairline cracks arise, this means termites have an avenue by which they can travel up an down connecting from the soil beneath the foundation to the wood (food supply) above the foundation. Therefore, a pre – treat termite treatment prevents termites from accessing any position of your home. This is the recommended BEST form of Subterranean and Formosan Prevention. As this stops termites BEFORE they enter the home.

Pre-Construction Framing Treatment

This is where we spray the entire framing of the home. Should you find yourself in the position where the foundation has already been poured or the vapor wrap and rebar have already been laid in anticipation of the foundation being poured, then this is the next best option. This allows the wood to be treated for all three types of Termites, Formosan, Subterranean, and Drywood. This is a great alternative to the Pre construction Soil treatment and would be the second best treatment. Most of our homeowners select the former but this alternative assures even more protection because we can target all three types of Termites.

Most companies will only spray 24 inches above the baseboard of the framing studs and warranty in that fashion. We take the barrier of protection further and cover the entire frame. This allows for the protection we spoke of earlier. Keeping termites away from the food source and forcing them to go else where.

If your a home builder or needing a consultation before you build as to what protection is best, we are here to assist! We promise to deliver great results, most of our Termite protection plans come with a 5 year guarantee. So talk to us today and learn how you can make your home Termite free before it is completely built! Thanks for reading and as always ASK TO SPEAK WITH CHRIS and mention you read this article!

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