What Is The Best Termite Preventative Treatment?

Houston ranks number 8 in the United States for Termite Population! That is not good! With our proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, Humid climate, and Wooded swampy environment, it is a Termite paradise! So you may be asking yourself, what can I do to make sure I don’t have Termites? Well first of all you can start with an inspection from CPL Pest Control! We offer 5-star termite inspections that ensure each piece of wood in your home is safe from Termites. But after an inspection has been completed, how can you protect your home from Termites? We here at CPL Pest control offer both Pre and Post Treatments that protect your home from Termites. In this article, we focus on Pre-Treat Soil Treatments. Keep reading to learn how we can protect your home from Termites long before you ever move in!

What Is A Pre-Treat Soil Treatment?
Pre-Treat Soil Treatment In Conroe, TX for Termites

Soil treatments are used as a primary and effective preventative measure against termite damage. There are two types of soil treatments: Pre-Treatment and Post-Treatment. Pre-treatment Soil Treatments is the application of chemicals to the bare ground before construction, whereas post-treatment is applied afterward once the building has been completed. Pre Treatment Soil Treatments is the best way to prevent termites in Houston

Pre-treatment soil treatments disrupt and prevent future subterranean termite colonies from establishing or gaining access to a structure. It is performed by injecting non-repellent termiticide into the ground around and under a proposed structure to create a “moat” of treated soil. This helps ensure the structure will not be affected by subterranean termites for the duration of the structure’s warranty, usually 5 years.

What Other Termite Treatments Are Available?

Post-treatment soil treatments protect a completed structure from termite damage. Post Treatment Soil Treatments are used to prevent Termite activity around buildings already treated with pre-treat soil termiticides, as well as any other wood-to-ground contact.

Why Does Spot Treatment Not Work?

Treatment of one side of a building will typically not influence the activity of termite colonies located on the opposite side, or more than fifty feet away. Termites are always migrating toward food (in this case, your home) and will only be carried over by workers if they happen to find themselves in the treated zone. For this reason, it is important for both pre-and post-treatment soil treatments to exist as part of your foundation’s defense against termites.

All of this ensures the foundation of your structure is always protected, even if there are breaks in the pre-or post-treatment zones.

What Other Post-Treatments Are Available?
Post Treatment In Conroe, TX for Termites

Another method of stopping termite activity while your new home is being built involves the use of pressure treatment. The process is similar to that of post-treatment soil treatments, except that instead of injecting the termiticide into the ground under your foundation, it is injected directly into pressure-treated lumber like Treated Lumber. These wood products are the foundation for all new homes.

The process starts by trenching around the outside of the house and placing the pressure-treated lumber in a “U” formation. The trench is then filled with termiticide-treated soil, which is then covered over with dirt, rock, and sod.

The termiticide is carried by means of diffusion from the wood to all areas around it where untreated soil and other cellulose products like plant matter exists. When termites come in contact with this treated soil, they will not survive, thus preventing them from damaging your home

How Do I Know What Type Of Termite Treatment I need?

The first line of defense against subterranean termite damage starts with a thorough inspection. Usually only performed when a home is being built and new to the area. An inspection will reveal whether or not there are any indications of termite activity in the future.

Termite tubes (indicators of subterranean termites) can be present even when no activity has been noticed. Fortunately, these tubes can be filled with a non-repellent termiticide to help prevent future termite activity.

Termite tubes are blocked when termiticide-treated soil is injected under pressure it right next to the tubes, where they touch untreated soil at their opening. This non-repellent termiticide then diffuses into the surrounding soil, drastically reducing or completely eliminating any chance of termite activity for up to 10 years.

Can My Home Have Multiple Termite Treatments?

Due to the ever-changing nature of environmental factors like rainfall and humidity levels, all three types of pre-treatment methods must remain as effective as possible. To guarantee this, annual inspections should be performed to ensure that termite activity is not occurring and no changes in environmental factors have occurred.

In conclusion, Pre-treatment soil treatments are by far the most permanent solution to a problem that rears its ugly head every year, causing billions of dollars’ worth of damage all across Houston. Post-treatment soil treatments can also be an effective solution for keeping termites at bay during the time it takes your new home to cure. Maintaining a pre-treatment soil treatment by having annual inspections, monitoring equipment and routine stump treatments is the best way to avoid termite damage in the future.

What Should I Do If My Home Has No Termite Protection?

You should call CPL Pest Control! We offer every level of Termite protection you need around your home to make sure you do not deal with Termites! From Soil Treatments to Post Structure treatments, we promise to protect your home from Subterranean Termites, DryWood Termites, and Formosan Termites! Call us today for your FREE Consultation and Quote! Call 281-683-6737, as always ask for Chris!

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