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What Is The Best Termite Preventative Treatment?

Houston ranks number 8 in the United States for Termite Population! That is not good! With our proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, Humid climate, and Wooded swampy environment, it is a Termite paradise! So you may be asking yourself, what can I do to make sure I don’t have Termites? Well first of all […]

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Dry Wood Termites Are Destroying The Heights, TX!

Dry Wood termites are a serious problem in The Heights, TX. The Heights is a historical area of Houston and is home to so many awesome and fun things to do. In the last 30 years, The Heights has transformed into one of Houston’s most thriving areas to live. But people aren’t the only thing […]

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Termites in Houston Texas Are Really Bad

Alrighty, welcome back to CPL pest controls podcast channel. Today we are talking about termites. So Nobody enjoys the idea of their home being consumed by termites. So termites, just by definition, are a wood destroying insect. And out of the wood destroying insects that we have here, in the Houston area and Rio Grande […]

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