Why You Should Never Bait Termites In The Woodlands, TX!

The Woodlands, TX is no stranger to Termites. From March to July, homeowners all across The Woodlands experience thousands of dollars in damage caused by Termites. The problem is many homeowners don’t even know they have a problem with Termites. The biggest problem of all is that Termites aren’t that difficult to get rid of […]

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Why Conroe Homeowners Should Be Concerned About Formosan Termites In 2022

If you own a home in Conroe, you should be aware of the Formosan termite. A common species of subterranean termite found throughout Texas and Louisiana. Formosan termites are particularly destructive to homes built on concrete slabs. In fact, most homeowners consider their presence an emergency situation because they can cause considerable damage in a […]

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Dry Wood Termites Are Destroying The Heights, TX!

Dry Wood termites are a serious problem in The Heights, TX. The Heights is a historical area of Houston and is home to so many awesome and fun things to do. In the last 30 years, The Heights has transformed into one of Houston’s most thriving areas to live. But people aren’t the only thing […]

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