fire ants

Fire Ants Are Biting Homeowners In The Woodlands, TX!

When it comes to insect pests, fire ants would probably top everyone’s list! Red and black imported fire ants (Solenopsis invicta and Solenopsis richteri) are invasive species and their painful bites can injure or kill livestock, wildlife, domestic animals, and humans. Their large mounds (as many as 300 per acre) are unsightly and often damage […]

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How To Keep Fire Ants Out Of Your Spring, TX Yards!

Spring is a beautiful time of year in Texas, but it can also be a time when fire ants start to invade your yards and homes. Fire ants are attracted to Spring, TX because of the warmer weather and the abundance of food. They are small, reddish-brown ants that can be very aggressive and cause […]

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