Fleas In The Greater Houston Area This December!

Fleas are a common problem for homeowners this time of year, even though it is December. Flea populations are supposed to decrease during the winter, but this year they are not. So, what is causing the increase in Fleas here in the Greater Houston area?

There are a few reasons why you may be seeing Fleas in your home this December. Fleas are usually brought into the home by your pets. Colder December temperatures invite our pets into our homes, as it is too dangerous for them to remain outside in the frigid temperatures. It is during this process, fleas can transfer from your yard to your home. Also, flea eggs can be carried into your home on your clothing if you have visited a Flea infested area. Fleas only need to feed for 1 minute to become Flea eggs after which they will try to find a place to hide.

What Is A Flea?

Fleas are tiny bugs that live by drinking the blood of mammals, reptiles and birds. Fleas can be found all over the world because their eggs can be carried by wind or animals. Fleas live in people’s homes, yards, and farms throughout the year. Flea bites are red welts on the skin and can be itchy and uncomfortable. Fleas can also spread disease.

Fleas thrive and love the warm weather. And here in Houston, we know it is warm just about ALL YEAR. Which makes Fleas a threat in every season. However, as we saw earlier this year, with the great freeze of 21′, occasionally, we see below freezing temperatures. Which begs the question, do flea populations die off in colder temperatures. To answer the question in short, no. Fleas do not hibernate. Colder temperatures only push fleas to warmer environments. Which means that we in the Greater Houston area can see problems with Fleas in our homes all year.

How Can I Prevent Fleas In My Home This December?

Frequent vacuuming and proper Flea treatment of your pets will help to decrease Fleas. Fleas can live on humans and animals, but they prefer the heat that comes from their host. Flea eggs are tiny (1/50 of an inch) and will be carried into your home through cracks in your floor or brought in on your clothing. Flea eggs will hatch within 1-2 weeks. Flea larvae will live in your carpet, bedding or furniture if they are not eliminated quickly. Flea eggs can hatch within 1-2 weeks inside your home. Fleas like the dark and will try to hide during the day usually under furniture or near warm appliances.

Fleas favor temperatures between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Flea larvae will grow into Fleas if they have a warm place to live and food, which is your blood. Flea bites look like red bumps with a little dot in the middle of them – it can be irritating to humans who are allergic to Flea saliva. Fleas do not stay on their host for very long – only about 5-10 minutes. Fleas are flattened creatures which allows them to move easily through your hair or between the fibers of your clothing. Fleas can jump up to 8″ vertically and 16″ horizontally so they will be hard to catch by hand.

Fleas can cause anemia in both humans and animals, but this is rare unless you have a Flea infestation. Flea bites are itchy and sometimes painful, but they are not dangerous unless you have Flea allergy dermatitis. Fleas do carry diseases which can be harmful to humans if your pet becomes infected, including Plague, Typhus, Tapeworms and parasites that cause Flea-borne Typhus.

While there are many ways to prevent Fleas from coming into your home, the best way is to keep them from getting on your pets in the first place. Frequent vacuuming and proper Flea treatment of your pets will help to decrease Fleas. Fleas can live on humans and animals, but they prefer the heat that comes from their host.

Do Over The Counter Products Work For Fleas? Flea Medicine And Flea Treatments

Many over the counter products for fleas work as a repellent for your pets. Which, can in turn, mean that they keep the fleas from coming inside the house. These repellents mask the scent of your pet and make it inhospitable to fleas. Flea medicine for pets is a topical application that is put on the skin of the pet. Over the counter flea treatments that are put down around the house often have less of an effect. For a professional Flea treatment around your home, you should call CPL Pest Control.

How Do We Treat Your Home For Fleas?

We here at CPL Pest Control take flea treatments very seriously. In fact, we take your flea problem so serious that we guarantee our service with a full money back satisfaction! We make sure we take care of your flea problem, or your money back, guaranteed! How we treat your home or structure for fleas is so innovative and promised to work, that you will be amazed at how fast your flea problem disappears.

If you are dealing with fleas this December, and you live in the Greater Houston area, give us a call today. We would be happy to take care of your flea problem! There is no reason why you should have to spend this Christmas and New Years scratching from fleas! Call us today for your FREE Consultation and Quote! We promise to offer you the best price possible and ELIMINATE your flea problem! Give us a call, 281-683-6737, as always, ask for Chris!

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