Bed Bugs Are Infesting Houston Area Bedrooms!

bed bugs on a mattressAlrighty, welcome back to CPL pest control podcast channel. I’m your host, Chris Villarreal ¬†And today we are talking about bedbugs here in the Houston area. We’ve all heard the infamous bedtime rhyme. Good night, sleep tight. Don’t let the bedbugs bite. The bedbug is probably the most feared insects that we pest professionals encounter. And with good reason that nobody wants to wake up in the middle of the night or be laying on their sofa and wake up or be bothered by bugs in that bed or sofa or wherever it is that you know that they’re sitting. And nobody likes the idea of bugs crawling around. And so bedbugs carry with them a lot of stigmatism they carry with them. They’re just a huge nuisance. So what is the bedbug look like?

What are we looking for? When we’re asking ourselves the question? Do I have that bugs. So bedbugs are small, they’re about a quarter inch long. They’re reddish brown. They do not have any wings. And they’re oval and flat. And then he here is the key feature, they move really fast. So I’ve had customers in the past call and ask and have us come out to do our free inspection and inquiring as to whether they have ticks or whether they have bedbugs. And the reason why they’re wondering whether they have ticks is because the tick parallel is a lot of the same features. The tick is also kind of that same color ish. They’re also very flat. But they do not move as fast as the Bedbug. And so that is one of the key distinguishing features. And then of course, where the bedbug is located is also huge. So the bedbug lifecycle contains three stages, the egg, several nymphal stages, and then the adults. So the developmental time from the egg to the mature adult range is somewhere between 37 to 128 days, depending on the temperature and then also on the host availability that hosts availability means how often are they able to bite and you know, suck blood out of a host? And unfortunately, that’s that’s often the customer, right? And so bedbugs are usually nocturnal, which means they’re they’re active at night and their blood sucking pest. So that’s why they kind of fall into that, you know, question of do I have ticks or do I have bedbugs? And so the bedbug feeding may produce extreme localized irritation and swelling of the skin. So wherever the bedbug decides to feed on you that often produces that irritation, kind of kind of look the rash looking environment and swelling of that area. So those are some of the things that you’re looking for, as to you know, do I have bedbugs?

And then also, one of the things I’m inspecting when we’re doing our courtesy free bedbug inspection is does the bedsheet have blood? Like I said, bedbugs are their gross, nobody likes them. They come with this fear for a reason. And so when they get done, beat on pinching you and biting you. They do not put a band aid on you and so that produces that continuing leakage out of you, which is what we’re looking for on those bedsheets. But one of the interesting features of the bedbug I’ve had several people in the past tell us well, you know, I used to have bedbugs but we’ve been out of that home or apartment for some time. I don’t think I have them anymore. Could you go out and just make sure that we don’t have any bedbugs eat You know, considering that this person did not get a bedbug treatment, they’re more than likely is still going to remain a problem. And the reason why is that bedbugs can withstand a long period of starvation, which means they do not have to connect to the host for a long period of time, which can be trouble, right? So they don’t necessarily need a host to survive, which, which can be troublesome, right. So that that’s what makes a bedbug treatment that much more important. And so like I said, What are we looking for when we’re doing inspections, we’re looking at clothing, we’re looking at bedding materials, the sleeping quarters, to check for a the, you know, what may be bloodstains and then be also bedbug accumulation. Here a while back, I did probably, in my opinion, the worst bedbug infestation I had ever seen. And that was just because the bedbug accumulation was outstanding. I mean, there was literally it gotten to the point where you can literally see the eggs, you know, where they were coming back and then kind of colonizing, you know, in this in this certain area, and then there was another sub colony, just on the other side of the frame.

And so those are some of the areas that we’re looking at. But just because you have bedbugs does not mean that you’re necessarily dirty. Bedbugs do not discriminate. They go into very wealthy homes, they go into not so wealthy homes, they go into clean homes, and they go into dirty homes. The bedbug does not care whose home they’re invading. And the reason why is because bedbugs transfer via host. In other words, we bring the bedbug from point A to point B from someone else’s home to our home, or the movie theater to our home from a hotel to our home. And that is what continues this cycle. And so the next question is, well, how do I get rid of bedbugs? There are a lot of over the counter. A lot of over the counter products that claim they work, but really should be sued under the deceptive trade practices act because they do not work. They advertise life they work but really they don’t. And the reason why they don’t work is a couple of reasons. A there they those products do not come with, you know, trained experts that know how to apply the the chemical and the pesticide, and then be the actual pesticide and chemical that is being sold over the counter is not the same stuff that the professionals have their hands on. So just to kind of give you an idea, the state regulates chemicals. And they regulate based on percentages of the active ingredient in products. And so the stuff that the professionals maintain, is a lot stronger than the stuff that is sold over the counter. Though the stuff that has sold over the counter swears by its brand that it can take care of the problem. And this is this is a problem that I have, given the legal background that I have those of you that follow this channel know that I’m a practicing attorney here in the state of Texas.

And when I see a product like that being sold, and I see a company that’s taking advantage of customers and clients just like you swearing up and down the roof that they can take care of your bedbug problem problem. If you buy their product, when in actuality they know that it’s not going to take care of the problem that angers me because nobody wants to wake up to bedbugs. Nobody wants to have the bedbug in their home. And that is what you know, gets us here at CPL pest control very passionate about taking care of the bedbug job. And then there are those in the profession also that that choose to go the heat treatment. Now I have nothing bad to say about the heat treatment. We do offer it in very very extreme situations. But we often do not have to do the heat treatment. And so most pests most pest companies will they swear by it and like I said it does work he treatment is is how we, you know, do get rid of bedbugs in very severe infestations. But it’s not the ideal way. And the reason why it’s not the ideal way is because there is a more cost effective bedbug treatment for you in your home, there is a way that we here at CPOE pest control promise and guarantee that we can take care of your bedbug problem. I was just reading an article earlier this week, where you know, a company was bragging on the fact that they’ve had to go back five to seven times to complete a bedbug job and I’m thinking, What in the world was your tech doing? What in the world? Was your technician doing that it took five to seven applications to get rid of this bedbug problem. Was it not properly diagnosed was it was the proper chemical not used were the proper techniques not applied. Things like that should not be tolerated. It should not take five to seven visits from a pest control company to take care of your bedbug problem. And that’s why we here at CPO pest control are different than our competitors.

This is the reason why we go above and beyond to make sure we knock out your bedbug problem. That way you can get a good night’s rest the day we go out and spray and take care of your bedbug problem. So listen, if you’re here in the Houston area, if you’re in Montgomery county, Harris County, Waller County, Galveston County, all the way from Galveston to Waller. Tomball. That’s everybody in between, give us a call. I’d love to go out to your home, give you a free thorough inspection. And, you know, tell you what we can do to take care of the problem. That way you can get a good night’s rest. Because if you don’t have a good night’s rest, there’s no way you’re going to be productive the next day. So give us a call today. That’s 281-683-6737 If you live in the Rio Grande Valley, that’s from South Padre Island all the way to Roma. If you live in the Rio Grande Valley, give us a call at 956-739-0259. And if you’ve heard this podcast and you have bedbugs and you give us a call, please mention that you listen to Chris with the bedbug podcast. We have a very special promotion that is just for you. So give us a call no obligations, give us a call. And we will be out there as soon as we can to get rid of your bedbugs. As always, we thank you for checking out CPO pest controls podcast channel, we wish you the very best and we desire to help you out. So we look forward to your call and we hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

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