Why Do Ants Love Homes In The Woodlands, TX?

It seems like more and more ants are coming into our homes here in The Woodlands. So why is that? Why do ants love your home? The answer comes down to food. Ants love certain foods we leave out for them, such as Crumbs on the countertops or floors, Food left out in the open, even just a little bit of Sugar

Ants love these things so much because they are easy food sources for them to take back to their nest. They can even take it back through the ground! This is why so many people have ants in their walls or crawlspaces, as opposed to finding them crawling around on tables or countertops. So what can you do about Ants in your home this season? What do ants look like? Those are questions we will address in the blog below, keep reading!

What Type Of Ants Can You Expect Here In The Woodlands, TX?

We see a few different ants throughout the year here in The Woodlands, Texas. From Fire Ants to Carpenter Ants, each ant is specific to its habitat and behavior. In fact, some ants are more prevalent in certain seasons of the year. In Spring and Summer, ants like to come into your home to escape the heat outside. These ants are usually most active in the morning hours, so you might see them when you get home from work or when you wake up in the morning. These ants are usually small and dark in color, like little black ants or red ants.

During Fall and Winter, ants are looking for water sources. They are severely dehydrated during these months, so they will go to any source of water they can find, such as your sink or bathtub. Water is so important to ants, they will risk death to get it. They don’t care where the water comes from, they just need it. During this time of year, you will probably see swarms of little tiny ants crawling around your windowsills or possibly in your bathtub.

Please note there are many, many different species of ants here in The Woodlands, TX. This article only covers a few of the many ant species you might see in your home.

Ants love these food sources, and we leave it out for them, so ants keep coming back. If you want to get rid of ants (or prevent them), make sure your kitchen and countertops are clean before bed every night! No crumbs or sugar should be left out. Even leaving a small amount of water can attract ants (from the sugar in it) so make sure no drinks are left out overnight.

Do Ants Bite?

Yes, ants can and will bite. Some species of ant (such as fire ants) are known to bite if their nest is disturbed or they are accidentally stepped on. Most ants are not aggressive towards humans though, but will bite if they are threatened or feel their nest is in danger.

What Should You Do If An Ant Bites You?

If you are bitten by an ant, there are a few things you should do. If the bite is painful or itchy, make sure to clean the area with soap and water. If this does not help or if your reaction worsens, see a doctor immediately. You may have an allergy to the bite and will need to be seen right away.

What Can You Do To Keep Your Home Ant Free?

So now that you know why ants love your home in The Woodlands, what can you do to keep them out?

#1. Make sure your home is clean before bed every night. No crumbs or sugar should be left out on the countertops, floors, or tables. Make sure all food is put away and no dirty dishes are left in the sink or on the countertops overnight.

#2. Check for cracks around your home. Ants love to crawl into little cracks and crevices around your house. Check window wells, door seams, baseboards, etc. for cracks and seal them up if needed.

#3. Make sure your home has proper drainage in all gutters and downspouts around the home. If water cannot drain away from your house, it might start to collect and you will have a pool of water for ants to drink from.

#4. Make sure your home is up to code when it comes to insulation in the attic. If you have exposed beams or gaps around vent work, this is a good way for ants to get into your home.

#5. Use CPL Pest Control company to treat the exterior of your home!

What Should You Do If You Have an Ant Problem?

If you need help with ants in your home, give CPL Pest Control a call at (281) 683-6737. We can help with all ant infestations in your homes! We promise to make your home ant-free! Give us a call today for your FREE Consultation and Quote! As always, ask for Chris!

Thanks for reading!

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