The German Roach Invasion Has Descended On Conroe,TX!

The invasion of German roaches in Conroe, TX is growing at an alarming rate and they’re becoming more and more difficult to get rid of. For instance, Larry Brown woke up one morning and saw a couple of roaches in his kitchen, so he went out that evening and bought some Raid spray and sprayed the heck out of them! When he woke up the next morning, there were at least 10 times more roaches than the night before! The situation got so bad that Larry went out and bought a brand new set of Raid Max , which is advertised as killing roaches for 12 months after you apply it once. He sprayed down his home from every corner, crevice, and crack he could find. He then sealed the whole house shut for 24 hours with tape and plastic sheeting to make sure that no light or air was able to get inside his home. When he finally let himself back into his house, there were still more roaches than ever!

The situation kept worsening until Larry couldn’t take it anymore. He moved out of his house and left it completely vacant for 2 months, after which time he came back to find that there were still plenty of roaches running around inside his home. If this doesn’t sound like a nightmare you’re having right now, then you may have already been invaded by these pesky insects.

When Larry finally accepted the fact that the roaches were here to stay, he decided to call an exterminator. By this time, he had already been through a total of 4 cans of Raid and spent at least $500 on bug sprays and other extermination tools!

Eventually, the exterminator came and took care of the roaches in Larry’s home for him. The funny thing was: they also couldn’t get rid of all the roaches! They kept coming back one after another until it became obvious that the infestation was a lot bigger than Larry or his exterminator had originally thought. Since the extermination company wasn’t able to get rid of all the roaches, they suggested that Larry try another extermination company and see if they could do any better. After about 5 different extermination companies later, none were able to solve the problem for good, and in fact, some of them even made it worse!

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What Does A German Roach Look Like?

German roaches are one of the most common types of cockroaches. They typically range in color from tan to brown, and they have two dark horizontal stripes behind their heads (one running between each wing). They’re also fairly flat because they don’t have wings, so if you see a small thin line that’s about 2-3 mm long, it’s probably a German cockroach.

So How Will I Know If I Have German Roaches In My Home?

If your home is being invaded by roaches that look similar to the ones pictured above, there’s a very good chance that at least some of them are indeed german roaches. However, it’s important to realize that even though there might be a german roach invasion, they could still comprise mostly of brown-banded cockroaches or American cockroaches instead.

Some of the telltale signs that you have either German or Brown-Banded roaches in your home include:

  •  A strong and pungent odor in your kitchen and/or bathrooms.
  •  Seeing roaches frequently, whether you see one at a time or whole groups of them scurrying away from light when it’s turned on.
  • Burrows that look like small ridges about 1-2 mm wide running along baseboards, walls, or other crevices.
  • Droppings that are dark brown or black, about 1-2 mm long, and resemble piles of pepper.
What Do German Roaches Eat?

A lot! These little buggers will eat almost anything they can get their hands on that’s edible. This includes things like our food, grease stains that form on dishes after they are washed, soap scum that forms in showers or bathtubs where water is left to sit for prolonged periods of time, dirt, decaying organic matter (like dead leaves), paper products like bookshelves and even the glue inside of stamps!

We would recommend only using baits for German roaches if you have kids or pets that could accidentally ingest the poison. If this is the case, then it’s better to use either traps or contact poisons; however, it should be noted that baits are typically more effective than both traps and contact poisons because they allow for multiple feedings until the roaches die.

How Did I Get German Roaches?

The short answer is that if you have them in your home, then they most likely came from something that you brought into your home. For example, a lot of times you’ll find german roaches living in grocery bags that are left on the floor for extended periods of time. This is because the bags provide both food (they like to eat paper products) and water (whenever anything that’s moist sits around long enough, it usually becomes a breeding ground for something, and that’s why grocery stores put those little silica packs in with the bags to try and keep them dry).

Another way that german roaches can get into your home is through the food you bring home. Since they love to eat paper and cardboard products, they will oftentimes be found infesting cereal boxes that sit out on the shelf for too long. They’ll also try to live in boxes that contain other kinds of food like pasta and sugar, but they’re also known to live in plastic and even glass containers.

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What Should I Do If I Have German Roaches?

You Should Call CPL Pest Control! We promise to 100% Eradicate your German Roach problem! Give us a call today for your FREE Consultation and Quote! Call 281-683-6737! As always, ask for Chris!

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