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Bedbugs Are All Over The Woodlands, TX!

If you’re reading this article, you either know someone dealing with bedbugs, afraid you may have bedbugs, or do have a bedbug problem. No worries! Bedbugs are actually extremely easy to eradicate. If done professionally! Keep reading this article to learn more about Bedbugs, and how we here at CPL Pest Control are making homes, […]

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How To Keep Fire Ants Out Of Your Spring, TX Yards!

Spring is a beautiful time of year in Texas, but it can also be a time when fire ants start to invade your yards and homes. Fire ants are attracted to Spring, TX because of the warmer weather and the abundance of food. They are small, reddish-brown ants that can be very aggressive and cause […]

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Why Conroe, TX residents need Pest Control This Spring!

The days are getting warmer and that means pests are starting to come out of hibernation. If you don’t have a pest control plan in place, your home could be at risk for an infestation. Here are a few reasons why you need pest control this spring in Conroe, TX: 1. Pests can cause damage […]

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