Should Houston Residents Try “Do It Yourself” Rodent Control?

If you live anywhere in the Houston area, you know how difficult Rodent Control can be! Rodents are very popular during the Early Fall season and Early Spring. That is because there body temperature is changing so much. They have no idea as to whether it going to get warmer or colder. You and I both know that it is going to get warmer, as we are in mid April, however, these furry little guys do not. With that said, they are constantly looking for a warm place or shelter… and unfortunately for you and I… our homes make GREAT shelters! Read this article to learn more on what you should do should you experience a rodent issue this Spring!

Should You Handle Your Rodent Situation On Your Own?

The answer is… it depends! But the correct answer leans more No than Yes. Allow us to explain below! Rodents come in all shapes and sizes. Some species are larger than others and some are more crafty than others. Some rodents enjoy being in your home for shelter, while others are there to seek food and water. Therefore, the method by which we eliminate rodents varies on the type of species! Therefore, it is up to you (should you pursue a “do it yourself” remedy) to determine what type of rodent is plaguing your home!

How Do You Distinguish The Different Types Of Rodents?

If you live in the Houston Area, you know there are three major types of Rodents we deal with here. Those being, The Roof Rat, The Norway rat, and The House Mouse. Each rodent carries with them a different type of problem and the method of exclusion is therefore not the same. For example, the roof rat will seek an entry point in your roof while the house mouse will seek an entry point such as a weep hole. These different types of Rodents can be distinguished by a careful examination of potential entry ways. Rodents will generally leave a rub mark upon the surface they have been frequenting. Thus, rub marks along the examined area will give a general idea of what type of rodent you are dealing with. Also, the size of fecal matter left behind by said Rodent will allow for a proper examination. There are also other features that can reveal the type of rodent as well. Features such as noise patterns will also reveal habitat and habitat reveals the type of species.

How Can Houston Residents Eliminate Rodents?

There are many things homeowners can do to remedy Rodent Populations. That is of course, once the proper species has been identified.

  1. Clean Environments – Most Rodents enjoy dirty habitations. Dirty habitations make it easier to conceal themselves. Also, dirty environments make food and water sources easier to come by.
  2. Elimination of Entry Ways: Sealing up obvious areas is an effective way of eliminating Rodents. HOWEVER, it is important to note, Rodents are extremely territorial. They do not enjoy being excluded from their home. So if you do decide to follow this route, make sure you are using an exclusion method that will permanently keep rodents away!

What Should Houston Residents Do If They Have A Rodent Issue?

If you live in Houston or any of the Greater Houston Areas and you are expericing problems with Rodents, you should probably leave it to the professionals. Over the counter products tend to create more problems than solutions. Addionally, studies have shown, do it yourself attempts cost more in the long run. Most do it yourself projects end in frustration and anger towards a problem that can be easily solved by the professionals. So if you live in The Houston area and you are frustrated with Rodents, give us a call today and learn how we can make your Rodents disappear! Call 281-683-6737 and as always, ASK FOR CHRIS!

Thanks for reading!

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