How To Get Out Of Your Pest Control Contracts!

One of the biggest issues we have with the Pest Control industry today is the need for Contracts. We here at CPL Pest Control stand wholeheartedly against them! There should not be a need for Pest Control contracts, your work should speak for itself! In other words, we believe you deserve the right to hire us and fire us at your whim! No strings attached! Unfortunately, not all companies feel the same way. Not all companies have enough confidence in their work product to allow YOU the homeowner to make your own decision each time they show up to perform the work service.

Getting out of a pest control contract is no easy task, but it can be done! My name is Chris Villarreal and

CPL Pest Control
Attorney & General Manager Christopher Villarreal

I am General Manager of CPL Pest Control’s Houston Division. I’m also a practicing attorney here in the State of Texas. I left the practice of law because there is nothing more joyful than to help homeowners like you resolve their pest issues and make a truly meaningful experience with each homeowner. With that said, I despise Pest Control contracts. As it takes something that I love and muddles it with an obligation that should not be placed upon you. So here we are to explain to you “How You Can Get Out Of Your Pest Control Contract”. There are many misconceptions about what you are allowed to do while under contract. So we explain a little below.

How Do You Get Out Of A Monthly Pest Control Agreement?

If you have signed a contract with a Pest Control company for monthly regular service, then the only way out of your contract is by canceling all future services. If you have signed a contract that requires monthly service, but would like to get out of it because you do not trust the company or their employees, then you might be able to get out of the contract by explaining to them your fears and asking for a refund. If this has left you panicked about how to maintain your home pest-free, do not worry! CPL Pest Control can pick up the slack, do a better job and never tie you to a contract.

If you have signed a contract with regular monthly service, but would like to get out of it because you have found another company that provides better service, then you need to do two things. First, call your current company and tell them you want out of your contract by returning all of what you owe. Second, start services with the new company immediately and tell them that they need to send someone out right away so that the pests can be controlled before they infest your home.

If you would like to be released from all future obligations with the first company, then that company must provide you with a written release from future obligations. But, by using this method, your home will not be protected from pests. This is because you will no longer be under contract and therefore not required to pay the monthly services.

What If You Only Contracted A Pest Control Company For One Service?

If you have only signed a contract for one service, then there is an easy way out of it. You can cancel any time after the first visit by calling the company and telling them that you would like to cancel. If you have signed a contract that requires you to pay a large sum upfront, then you might be able to get around the entire contract by returning what you owe and cancelling all future service.

If you have already paid the large sum upfront, then you will not be able to get out of the contract without paying a fee for early termination. The good news is that by doing so, you will be released from your obligation to pay further sums and will no longer be under contract.

What Should I Do If I Want Out Of My Current Pest Control Company?

If you would like more information on how to cancel your Pest Control contracts with your current Pest company, give us a call at 281-683-6737 and I will put on my lawyer hat and tell you exactly what you need to do to get out of your Pest Control contract! If you have a current Pest problem and need it taken care of and or would like to switch, we thank you for considering CPL Pest Control! Give us a call or shoot us a text at 281-683-6737 for your FREE Consultation and Quote! As always, ask for Chris!

Thanks for reading!

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