Dry wood Termites are crawling all over The Heights Houston, TX District! Dry wood termites can a be a nuisance, and if you are like most homeowners you want to protect your home, your most valued investment from any type of wood destroying insect! Houston is home to three major types of Termites. Formosan, Subterranean, and The Dry wood Termites. The chances of you having a Termite problem in Houston, are significantly greater than in other parts of the world.

I always tell my clients, if you do have a problem with Termites, if you had to choose… you would want to deal with the Dry wood Termites. Dry wood Termites do the least amount of damage (still damage!) over the same amount of time as other species of Termites. So with that said, if you do have a problem with Dry wood Termites, you want to make sure you get on top of it early as to protect your home from structural damage! If you are reading this article, you are more than likely dealing with Dry wood Termites, or you may think you are! In this series, we will be exploring, How to identify if you have DryWood Termites, What to Do If You Do Have Dry Wood Termites, and How You Can Protect Your Home From Dry Wood Termites… So let us start with part one of our series, to help you take the next appropriate step in eradicating Drywood Termites.

What Is A Drywood Termite:

A Drywood Termite, unlike it’s more familiar related species, Subterranean and Formosan, maintain many of the same Termite like features. They too break their structural class into a caste system. Every Dry wood Termite colony has Workers, Solders, a Queen, and Reproducers. Most individuals discover they have a problem with Drywood Termites because of the Termite Swarm. Every year, Termite Colonies send out swarmer’s to start sub colonies in other areas. Dry wood Termite Swarmers are darker in color and differ from Subterranean and Formosan Termites in size and color.

How Do I Know If I Have A Dry wood Termite Problem?

Dry wood Termites are slow to do major damage, and for that reason, they can go MONTHS or even YEARS without discovery. Dry wood Termites can invade your establishment through many different avenues. Sometimes, they are embedded in the wood that compiles your construction, other times they swarm and invade your exterior exposed wood during swarm seasons, and other times they slowly migrate to your home through the natural course of termite movement activity. Whatever the method, you want them gone, and we’re here to help!

  • Most homeowners realize they have a problem with Drywood Termites when they realize Termite wings or Termite Frass. You see, when the Termite Swarmers begin to swarm, because Termites are blind, they seek light. Which typically means they swarm towards windows, vents, and other openings. Once they land, Termite Swarmers shed their wings. Which usually results in a pile of wingless Termites and piles of wings.
  • The second method by which homeowners realize they have a Dry wood Termite problem is piles of frass. Frass is a combination of wood saw dust and termite fecal pellets. You see, Dry wood Termites channel through wood, never needing to exit the board, and create Termite Gallery’s. Termite galleries are typically not too large, thus, it is easy for Termites to run out of room while eating and digesting wood. As the Termite gallery gets to tight, the Dry wood Termites then focus on creating more room. They do this by creating “kick out” holes. These are small holes used by the termites to “kick out” the “Frass” and create more room to do more damage! Fortunatley, these kick out holes are small, but are large enough to let us know of the Termite problem and secondly identify where the termite gallery is. Allowing us to pinpoint with expertise certainty, termite colonies.

If you are dealing with, or are afraid you may be dealing with Drywood Termites, call us today! Call 281-683-6737 for your FREE Consultation and Quote! Ask to speak with Chris! We’ll tell you what we need to do eliminate your Termite problem TODAY! Call now!

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