CPL Pest Control Is Treating Conroe Area Apartments!

Are you an apartment manager or owner looking for a pest control company that is attentive, personable and professional? If so, look no further than CPL Pest Control. Offering a variety of affordable pest control services to residential complexes throughout the Conroe area , CPL has been around since 2000 and provides solutions for ants, bees , termites, rodents, spiders , carpenter ants, mosquitoes and more.

CPL Pest Control has a unique way of treating apartments . The technicians are all about customer service and making the pest control experience as pleasant for you and your tenants as possible. They also make it easy to get on their schedule because they offer appointments seven days a week to work around your busy schedule. Their technicians are all licensed and insured , and they use only EPA-approved chemicals, which makes them very eco conscious .

When you call CPL Pest Control, a knowledgeable consultant will listen to your problem and help you determine the best course of action to rid your apartments of pests . They always offer a free inspection before any treatment is performed, and they’ll give you a written estimate that includes their suggested plan of action as well as the cost associated with it.

You won’t find a more dedicated pest control company than CPL. They’re available to treat your apartments every day of the week and go above and beyond to make sure you have a pleasant experience – from scheduling your appointment to the final treatment.

They also offer a free policy review with all new accounts. If you already have our company service your property and need a policy check-up, CPL will contact you to schedule an appointment and even send out one of their technicians at no cost to do an inspection .

CPL’s motto is “Expect Excellence,” and they strive to have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau . Customer service is their top priority, and they go above and beyond to make sure your apartments are pest-free.

If you’re in need of a residential apartment pest control company that prides itself on customer satisfaction , choose CPL Pest Control!

Why Do Apartment Complexes Need Pest Control?

Pest infestation in apartment complexes can cause major problems for residents and property managers alike. There are many species of pests that like to make their home in these buildings, including ants, termites, mice , mosquitoes , spiders and cockroaches . If you’re not treating your pest problem on an ongoing basis, you’ll start to notice more and more of these creatures taking over your property, and the damage they cause can be enormous.

For example, ants can quickly become a huge problem for apartment complexes because not only are they gross to look at scurrying around everywhere, but they also eat through everything – including wires! This causes big problems with buildings’ electrical systems. Mice are another issue because they can chew through insulation, which not only creates a fire hazard but also results in the apartment complex having to pay hundreds of dollars to fix all of that damage. Cockroaches are one of the most difficult pests for any apartment complex manager or owner to deal with. Not only do they carry disease , but there is evidence that suggests that some species of roaches will eat anything and everything.

It’s not just the negative effects of a pest infestation on your apartment complex that you have to worry about – there’s also the potential legal ramifications. If a resident gets bit by a spider or a mosquito while enjoying their time in one of your units, they may consider it your fault and sue you. You can get hit with very large legal fees if this happens, so hiring a pest control company to regularly treat your apartment complex is crucial for keeping you safe from potential lawsuits.

So call us today for your FREE Consultation and Quote! We promise to over exceed your expectations and take care of your Apartment Pest Control needs! Call today at 281-683-6737 and as always, ask for Chris!

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