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If you live in Conroe, Spring, The Woodlands, or Houston, it’s that time of year again – the bats are coming out to roost! And this can be fun to watch, but when they come inside your home and attic it can be a serious problem. Here we will discuss how to get rid of bats in the house and what you need to know about living with bats.

First and foremost, DO NOT panic. Most bats are not a threat to you or your family. We have many different kinds of bats in Conroe, TX that will come down from their roosts in the attic and chimneys every year starting as early as April. If you have been out and seen them flying around outside, don’t be alarmed! These bats will find their way back into the roost and you can leave them alone. However, if they are in your home, this is a sign of a bigger issue.

What Kinds Of Bats Do We See Here In Conroe, TX?

The Mexican Free-tailed Bat is the most common bat that we see around here. These bats are small, only about 3-4 inches long and weigh about half an ounce. They will roost under the roofs of buildings and bridges or in the sides of caves – making your home a prime place to look. They are fast flyers and can be seen swarming around porch lights at dusk.

How Can I Bat Proof My Home?

Bat proofing your house is one of the most important things to do if bats have made it inside your home or attic space. To bat proof an area, you need to make sure that there are no openings or holes that they can use to get inside. If you have a chimney, you will need to put a screen over the top of it and build a cap around it (like this: ). If you have any holes in your siding, wood around your attic, or anywhere else where the bats can get inside, these will need to be properly sealed.

What Should I Do After We Have Evicted The Bats?

Don’t forget that you also want to clean up any bat guano (poop) that the bats may have left behind. This is very important because bat guano can carry very dangerous diseases. The most common one being Histoplasmosis, which is a lung infection that people get after breathing in the fungus spores that grow on bat poop.

This disease can be very serious if you are elderly, have a compromised immune system, or have other health problems. People infected with Histoplasmosis often end up in the hospital because of breathing problems, high fevers, strange rashes, etc.

How Can We Stay Safe During Bat Season?

To make sure to keep yourself and your family safe during bat season, you should do the following:

1) Always wear gloves when cleaning up bat guano or disposing of dead bats (This will protect you from Histoplasmosis and other diseases).

2) Always make sure to wash your hands with soap and water.

3) Make sure to wear sunglasses or safety goggles when cleaning up after bats or doing any kind of yard work where you might disturb the bat nests. This will keep the bat poop out of your eyes (Bat poop can also carry Histoplasmosis).

4) If you see bats flying around during the day (bats are nocturnal – this is strange), they may be rabid. This is very rare, but definitely call your doctor and let them know if it happens.

5) Make sure to stay away from mothers with babies in late summer and early fall. Female bats will give birth to 1-2 pups in late summer and early fall. These babies are called “pinkies” because they are so small. The mother will stay with them for about 3 weeks, but do not go near these bats even though they look very cute.

Why Am I Seeing Bats In My Home?

There is one more thing you should know if you live in or around the great city of Conroe, TX. If you find a bat in your home during the day, it may be because there is an abandoned structure nearby that they are living in. This could be an abandoned barn or even an old shed or garage behind someone’s house! We are currently working with the City of Conroe to try to map all of the abandoned structures around town so that we can have them checked for bats before they are demolished. You can help us by letting your city leaders know about any old buildings near you that may need to be inspected for bats before being torn down. This will protect both the bats and people in your community!

What Should I Do If I Have A Problem Bats?

Now, if you have decided that it is time to get rid of the bats, you should call CPL Pest Control! We promise to rid of your bat problem! Call today for your FREE Consultation and Quote! Call 281-683-6737, as always, ask for Chris!

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