Spiders Are Crawling All Over Houston!

Houston, we have a problem! No, not another hurricane, but spiders! It seems that spiders are crawling all over Houston this spring. If you’re like me and you’re not particularly fond of spiders, then this news may not be so welcome. So what’s attracting these eight-legged critters to our city? There could be a number […]

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How To Treat A Spider Bite In Spring, TX!

This Winter we have received dozens of calls from the Spring, TX area regarding Spiders! It seems as if we have not seen a slow down in Spider activity. The reason for this increase in Spider activity is due to the very mild winter we have had here in Spring, TX, and the Greater Houston […]

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Spiders Are TAKING Over Conroe, TX Homes This December!

Is there a spider crawling on your arm? Do you fear waking up to a creepy crawler in your bed? Do you dread the idea of an eight eyed creature staring RIGHT at you? Spiders are all over the place here in Conroe,TX this December and you don’t want these eight legged freaks anywhere near […]

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