Formosan Termites

Drought Conditions Are WORSENING Termite Infestations For Houston Homeowners!

This year’s drought has been extreme, and it’s taking a toll on homeowners in the form of increased termite activity. Drought conditions are the perfect breeding ground for termites, and they are wreaking havoc on homes across the country. If you’re dealing with termites, it’s important to take action immediately to prevent further damage. CPL […]

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Pre-Construction Termite Treatments Are Available In Houston, TX!

Welcome back to CPL pest controls podcast channel. And today we are talking about pre construction termite treatments. So as an introduction, as we’ve discussed in other videos, Houston, the Rio Grande Valley, all of the Texas coast coastal regions suffer from high termite populations. And so in our areas, whether you be in Houston, […]

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How to Treat for Termites In Houston, TX!

If you’re reading this article, its probably because you are dealing with Termites! Termites are an invasive critter here in Houston that create millions of dollars of damage. Sometimes, Termites damage your home, for years, without you noticing. But Houston is no stranger to Termites, overall we rank number 8 in the United States for […]

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Formosan Termites Are Crawling All Over Humble, TX!

Formosan termites are beginning to swarm in Humble, TX and they’re crawling all over the place! Formosan termites, which are a species of subterranean termite native to Taiwan, have been found in Humble. These insects can cause extensive damage to wood-based structures when left untreated. Several homeowners have reported issues with these termites. “I noticed […]

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Why Conroe Homeowners Should Be Concerned About Formosan Termites In 2022

If you own a home in Conroe, you should be aware of the Formosan termite. A common species of subterranean termite found throughout Texas and Louisiana. Formosan termites are particularly destructive to homes built on concrete slabs. In fact, most homeowners consider their presence an emergency situation because they can cause considerable damage in a […]

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