Formosan Termites Swarming In Conroe, TX!

Formosan termites are the number one most destructive insect in the United States, and Conroe has its fair share of those nasty little bugs!

Formosan termites are found in the southeastern part of the United States. They have been found in New Orleans, Florida, and even North Carolina. Conroe is not on this list but these little bugs can make their way down to us over time if conditions are right (termite swarms).

What is a Formosan termite?

Formosans are one of several species of subterranean termites. They were first discovered on the island of Taiwan but have since spread throughout Asia and the United States. In the US they can be found as far north as New Jersey and as far south as Florida. They do not live above ground like other types of termites such as dry wood or damp wood. Formosans typically live underground where they feed on wood that their colony members excavate from trees and use for food, shelter, and colony material. A full-grown adult is about half an inch long and they have large, white wings.

What Color Are Swarmers?

Swarmers are usually creamy-white with a darker abdomen, about one-half inch long.

Where can Formosan termites be found?

Formosan termites like to feed on water-damaged wood and can cause serious damage to structures within a few years if they are not dealt with quickly and expertly. Unlike other subterranean species that only need access to the soil for their nests, Formosan termites also require a high level of moisture to survive. When dealing with a possible infestation it is important to check both visible signs as well as hidden sources such as behind kitchen cabinets and underneath floorboards. A single colony of Formosans may contain over one million individuals!  The larger the colony, the greater amount of structural damage it can do so keeping them under control right away is key.

How can you identify Formosan termites?

Formosans are typically found in damp or moist wood that is surrounded by dirt; they do not need access to the soil like other subterranean species of termites. However, most people notice them when they start flying around lights inside their homes at night. If you live in an area where Formosans are prevalent, you may also see shed wings lying on the floor under light fixtures or near windowsills. Once inside your home, these termites will never leave so it is best to contact pest control right away!

Why Do We Have So Many Termites In Conroe?

Conroe has a wet climate with ample moisture in the soil.

Termites are more prevalent when there is adequate moisture in the ground so they may be attracted to homes that have slab-on-grade foundations surrounded by moist dirt or that are built on low-lying areas where water accumulates after heavy rains.

Since Formosans need both moisture and dirt to survive, they may be attracted to homes that meet their needs.

Conroe typically has a long wet season from April until November which is prime time for Formosans.

The termite swarms we see each year usually start between May and July depending on the weather conditions. The swarming season typically ends in October.

Formosan termites prefer damp, moist, or decaying wood that they can excavate to use for their nests. Typically you will notice Formosans in areas where there is a water leak or moisture problems such as foundation cracks and around windowsills.

The average homeowner will not be able to identify a Formosan Termite! The topography of our region has lots of wooded areas with dirt around them so when you put all the pieces together it is not surprising that we have so many termites in Conroe!

What To Do If You Have Termites in your Home?

Reduce moisture sources in and around your home. Fix leaky plumbing, poor grading around the structure, and drainage issues. If you have a crawl space keep it well ventilated to reduce moisture.

Fix water leaks inside your home as well as outside (leaky faucets, irrigation systems or pools).

Keep humidity levels low in your home (install dehumidifiers if necessary). Make sure you change the furnace/air conditioning filter every month.

If you are having trouble with termites, contact CPL Pest Control immediately Formosan Termites may serious damage!

CPL Pest Control specializes in all kinds of pest control including termite control for your home. Our number one goal is to protect your home and family from Formosan Termites! Give us a call today at 281-683-6737, as always, ask for Chris!

Thanks for reading!

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