Formosan Termites Are Crawling All Over Humble, TX!

Formosan termites are beginning to swarm in Humble, TX and they’re crawling all over the place!

Formosan termites, which are a species of subterranean termite native to Taiwan, have been found in Humble. These insects can cause extensive damage to wood-based structures when left untreated. Several homeowners have reported issues with these termites.

“I noticed that all of the wood in my house seemed to be cracked, warped, and loose,” said one homeowner. “As soon as I saw what was happening I called CPL Pest Control. With their help, we were able to get rid of them before they became a huge problem.”

Other Humble residents haven’t been as lucky. “I had no idea that these termites were here,” said another Humble, TX resident, “They had eaten through the entire wall and floor of my son’s room. We spent two years rebuilding it after we got rid of them… I wish we’d known sooner.”

Formosan termites generally swarm when there is a large population nearby. As the weather gets warmer, it’s likely that these insects will become more active. If you think you might have them in your house, call CPL Pest Control immediately! But how do you know if you have a problem with Formosan Termites? In this article we explain what you should look for to keep your home safe from Formosan Termites!

Formosan Termites Description:

The Formosan termite is one of the largest species of termites. The soldiers are known to be about 2 cm (0.79 in) long. This termite is very dark brown to black in color, with yellow legs and head. The abdomen appears glossy due to fused segments of the abdomen which causes it to be smooth in texture.

The Formosan termite is found throughout Taiwan, and other countries near the western Pacific Rim, including Japan and Hawaii. In the United States it has been reported from Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas.

In the United States, colonies of Formosan termites are found in both naturally occurring and transplanted populations. These colonies are found throughout the Gulf Coast States, including Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and South Carolina.

The Formosan termite produces both swarmers and reproductives throughout the year in Gulf Coast states, with peak production in April and May.


Swarmers are produced in both the spring and fall. During swarming, these large winged reproductive termites emerge from infested wood where they have been hidden from view. They fly from the infested wood into the air and then land in a suitable location for nesting, such as more wood.


Formosan termites swarm in large numbers and can infest structures at any time of the year if infestations are close to the building. Once inside the structure, these winged termites lose their wings and begin to establish a colony. They are not particular about what kind of wood they eat, but are very particular about where they establish their colony.

They do not expand their colony very far from where they land when they swarm.

In the process of building a colony, these termites periodically send out some of their winged soldiers and reproductives to look for food. If they should happen to find a suitable location where wood is rotting (or has rotted and dried out), they will attempt to establish their colony there.

Formosan termites can cause extensive damage to wood structures. These insects are considered one of the most economically important structural pests in Texas, due to their extremely destructive nature and ability to infest structures rapidly.

The Formosan termite prefers many of the same woods that are used in construction. Common choices include oak, ash, maple, elm, and cypress.

Can Formosan Termites Eat Trees?

Yes, there are many species of termites that will eat the wood in trees. Some types of subterranean termites specialize on trees, while others simply attack them opportunistically. Drywood termites sometimes eat the wood in trees, but they are not considered to be a serious pest on this substrate.

What should I Do If I Have Formosan Termites?

You should call CPL Pest Control! CPL Pest Control uses the best in technology to determine whether you have a Termite problem. Identification is critical in ridding of a Termite problem. Let us properly diagnose your problem with our FREE Consultation and Quote. We promise you won’t be disappointed! Give us a call today at 281-683-6737! Call now and ask for Chris!

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